By Ralph Rewes

There are two powerful terrorist fronts in the world today. Yet, the USA is fighting only against one while dangerously overlooking the second, most vicious one. The Muslim terrorist one is openly Anti-American: the second one, dead weight of Communism is subtle, devious, but it is also rancorously Anti-American. One is a fanatic, religious group. The other is a political religion that follows the same strategic patterns of traditional religions: one holy book (Das Kapital), one learned clique of political priests (commissars, instigators, “Leftist” intellectuals, and political demagogues with a very clearly defined agenda, and stupid masses that must be told what to do for their good.

Both groups are engaged in a struggle to destroy democracy anywhere it flourish, by any way, by force, terrorism and deceit, as they did in Cuba and they are doing in Colombia; by using democratic elections and then twist around their tactics, as they are doing in Venezuela, Brazil and Ecuador; or by creating economic havoc to produce a fertile terrain for their demagoguery, as they do in Argentina and other Latin American countries with corrupt business practice. (Latin American businessmen are traditionally inclined to do anything they can to cheat their own government, which they do not trust, draining their economies of their needed currency.)


The United States, like a one-eyed hunter is after just one group, and one dictator, leaving the second group and the other dictator to do atrocities to their heart‘s content. More perplexing, his second terrorist group is helped by a powerful internal pro-communist conspiracy infiltrated at the highest level in our country.


US Intelligence reports — that must exist, otherwise we are totally lost — are overlooked or their importance downplayed (perhaps by racism: “we can get rid of those Latin dictators any time we want”). Nobody in our press pays attention that, at the end of November, the Cuban dictator is in Ecuador inciting to a war against the USA economical proposals for Latin America, with his pal Hugo Chávez, waiting to become another dictator. And apparently, the USA Government does not realize two important factors in this equation:

One: Venezuela supplies 80% of the vital oil we consume.

Two: TERRITORY. To the best of my knowledge “territory” has never been even considered to this equation. What is the importance of territory? In Iraq, its territory is open and exposed, yet it is still difficult to pin point where they store weapons of mass destruction. In comments recently made by the Cuban dictator, he has territory in mind. The three countries (Venezuela, Brazil and Ecuador) he is trying to woo into his private little war against the US Imperialism have a lot of territory. If any US Intelligence individual or my reader reads this and does not realize the meaning of “territory” in this case, that is precisely my point. Underestimating these warmongering dictators (elected or otherwise) is flat out a serious threat to our national security.

The immense wilderness in these three countries is a heaven to hide all kinds of labs, the same way they hide the drug labs so efficiently. The Communist rulers in Cuba know this. And having infiltrated American society (even in our Congress) to the point of paralyzing any activity against them or even exposure of their activities, they feel confident that they can get away with murder.

Be aware that the Communist conspiracy against the USA is alive and kicking. Even if they avoid like the plague the word “Communist” and prefer the sweet coating erroneous classification of “Liberals.” They are now taking advantage of the distraction of a possible war against Iraq to wage an all out conspiracy against democracy. They are moving all their pawns in Latin America and in the USA to push this conspiracy, in alliance with the all Western World terrorists so perilously neglected by the USA.


The USA has not realized yet that this second group is more dangerous than the first one, because of one single reason: they are infiltrated in every nook of our country. They are not sleepy cells; they just hide behind façades of anti-war or peace movements, pastors for the peace or the like, and behind almost every movement where the peace banner is being flaunted aggressively.

Americans are blindfolded with pro-Castro propaganda in certain media. Most newspapers ignore the crimes and atrocities of the Colombian guerrilla, as if they are a daily occurrence. In fact, they side with them against the “rightist” paramilitary forces that are trying to defend their countries against these terrorist forces.

The idea that we can send troops to get rid of these stupid Latin rebels in a jiffy remains unchallenged. However, the price for this delay is very high. The price for our government not to expose on time what the Communists and pro-Communist elements are doing in Latin America and the USA is a risky business. The Marxist anti-democratic elements must be stopped NOW, no matter how, before it is too late. We cannot afford to lose American soldiers unnecessarily in the future, out of ridiculous politically correct scruples.

I hope, the USA wakes up soon to this appalling reality.


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