Although the King, president and dignitaries from Spain, various presidents from Portugal and Latin America, and members of the media have not yet arrived in Havana for the IX Ibero-American Summit, November 15-16, the customary game of make-believe and creative crowd control has already been set in motion.

The avalanche of false statistics, accomplishments and myths decorating the façade of the worst regime in the history of the Americas is being officially repeated in Cuba for national and international consumption. Castro’s Cuba has plenty of experience with 40 years of deceiving the international community.

Castro views this event as an opportunity as important as the pope’s visit in January 1998, thus requiring total control. The harassment and intimidation of pro-democracy groups and independent journalists has already begun in subtle ways like individual threats and house arrests.

So far, five presidents from Latin America have announced that they will not be present. They are the presidents of Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Chile and Argentina are in disagreement with Spain’s desire to prosecute Pinochet for the alleged murder of Spanish citizens in Chile, while refusing to consider the prosecution of Castro for the execution of Spanish citizens in Cuba and his complicity in the murder of Spaniards on their own territory.

Castro mingled in the internal political affairs of Spain by arming, training and offering safe heaven to the Basque separatist terrorists known as E.T.A. that have killed many Spaniards.

Also, it is difficult to justify the current collaboration of Spain with Castro, crowned by the upcoming visit of the King (the first time in 500 years of Spain-Cuba history), when, in addition, you consider that Castro expropriated 15,000 businesses owned by Spanish citizens resident in Cuba in the early 1960s.

Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua each have their own disagreements with the Castro regime.

Historically, Castro has been involved with guerrillas throughout Latin America. The result has been the disruption of economies and damage to the livelihoods of millions as well as causing the death of thousands of innocent civilians. Castro’s exportation of revolutions to "liberate" Latin America has provoked regional instability and a massive migration into the U.S. and other countries. It is interesting that he uses the term "liberate" to refer to his attempt to spread communism, which must remove citizens’ freedoms in order to survive.

All of this makes it very difficult to justify the presence in Havana of the representatives of affected countries shaking hands and making nice with the cause of their problems. Apparently, the ones attending are ignoring the moral issue in an attempt to set up money making deals or are allowing their inbred hatred for the U.S. to take precedence over reason. Having a "common enemy" and all of that.

In addition, Castro has not followed any of the prior agreements he signed at the previous Ibero-American Summits. Castro has expressed over and over his disdain for democracy and said many times that for as long as he is alive Cuba will continue on the path of communism. What will it take for Spain, Portugal and Latin America to get the picture?

So, since the whole thing is a sham, it will be just another international forum for pro-Castro propaganda and for legitimacy support that his regime must seek continually since he discarded the original Cuban Constitution of 1940 in order to perpetuate his power.

For example, on the afternoon of November 15, after the international dignitaries arrive, there will be the official inauguration of the Latin American Medical School. In it, 2,000 students from Latin America will study at Castro’s expense. The goal is the graduation of 10,000 doctors in 10 years.

Left out is the fact that they will also be fully indoctrinated in the communist way of transmitting itself throughout the Americas. These "doctors" are not going to be an asset for the countries they return to but a source of future problems.

On the evening of November 15, Castro and the King of Spain will sit together to head a dinner party at the Palace of the Revolution (ironically, built before the revolution). Outside, ordinary Cubans without access to U.S. dollars barely have anything to eat and young Cuban boys and girls sell themselves to foreigners to get that vital currency for their survival.

On November 16, the dignitaries will have lunch at the exclusive Club Havana – known before Castro as the Havana Biltmore Yacht and Country Club built in 1928. It was an exclusive country club for wealthy Cubans and Americans with over 1,500 members by 1958. Now it is the exclusive playground of Castro’s elite, diplomats and unscrupulous foreign businessmen conducting business that exploits Cuban workers in 50% partnerships with Castro.

Ordinary Cuban citizens are forbidden to enjoy these facilities. The refurbished Club Havana is being managed by the Spanish hotel chain Sol-Meliá – in trouble with U.S. law for being involved in a joint venture with Castro with expropriated property owned by a Cuban family, now U.S. nationals. Sol-Meliá operates 12 hotels in Cuba that practice tourist apartheid.

Contemptuous of the U.S. law and displaying arrogance and insensitivity to Cuban Americans, José María Aznar, the president of Spain, is offering his support for the Spanish company trafficking in stolen property that belonged to a Cuban family since 1857 by staying in the hotel Meliá Havana.

The IX Ibero-American Sham will also be used as an open forum to vilify "Yankee imperialism" and to prevent the resolution of critical situations in Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela and its menacing president, Hugo Chávez, Castro’s ally.

Pro-democracy activist Elizardo Sampedro Marín said from Havana, that this event "Will be the proper stage from which to prevent efforts toward peace, to keep it or to restore it [in Colombia], using the excuse of ‘non intervention and respect for sovereignty and independence of the people.’"

Sampedro says that Castro may have hidden objectives for this Summit, for example: the legitimization of his regime and Chávez’s revolution in Venezuela; name the U.S. responsible for Cuba’s dire economic situation as well as for the hunger in the rest of the Americas and to obtain a compromise from the rest of the Latin American nations to not interfere with the Colombian situation in order to leave the doors open for a take-over by the communist narco-guerrillas created, armed and trained by Castro.

Castro’s Cuba, a country where in 1999 it is considered "subversive" and you can be sent to jail for merely possessing a copy of the former original Cuban Constitution of 1940 or of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, should not be considered a model by any decent and intelligent human being on this planet.

A retired Civil Engineer in Madrid who requested anonymity commented, "Today, Spain isn’t the same oppressive colonial power it used to be 100 years ago, but it is acting even worse, allying with the bloody communist dictatorship in charge of the island of Cuba for 40 years.

"Saying this makes me sad and gives me great pain, but Spain’s conduct provokes these feelings. The civilized nations should use their influence to rescue the innocent Cubans from the clutches of a barbaric oppressor. But we see that among the family of nations, even the Vatican does the opposite and collaborates to maintain the communist regime in Cuba."

In 1999, still collaborating with Castro’s tyranny and not helping the Cuban people to attain their liberation by publicly demanding the end of that political aberration is an unforgivable crime of the international community.

Cuban patriot José Martí said, "To gaze idly at a crime is to commit it."


Agustín Blázquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

Mr Blazquez is the Producer/Director of the documentaries
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