"Imagine the mood of Jews if Israel were tyrannized
and were located 90 miles west of Long Island"

George Will

"Some Cubans won't welcome band to Orlando." With that headline, the Orlando Sentinel reports the Van Van Group will perform a concert next Thursday at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. The Van Vans could be the best group in their genre, I can't deny that, but, they are also the unconditional propaganda machine of Fidel Castro, not only for the world but worse, for the people inside Cuba. I could compare them, in a way, with Rose of Tokyo of WWII.

Can you imagine Hitler with a musical band, and sending them to perform in Israel? This is the same effect as the Van Vans playing in Miami. It's a pure insult.

Curiously, it would be more interesting to know who would actually pay to see them play. Maybe at the time of the concert not many would think about it, and just have a good time. But, what about in the future, when history is told, how would those people explain to their children and grandchildren that, when Fidel Castro, the worst dictator in modern times, sent his propaganda to the democratic U.S., they contributed to his evil regime by supporting one of his musical groups.

In the words of Donald Trump, "the real cause of misery of the Cuban people is Castro's Marxist-Leninist economic system -- not the U.S. embargo. Castro's Cuba is a brutal police state; Castro rules through terror, intimidation and brutality."

Worse yet, Castro is surviving in power because of the few US dollars that the Van Van and dozen or so of other Cuban musical groups are collecting in their tour in the United States. Surviving with the dollars it's getting by selling the plundered real estate properties through RE/MAX of Havana, by selling the bodies of teenage females and males advertised through a website, and by serving as a bridge to the drug cartel of South America into the US market.

Of course everything for a buck. After the concert Thursday, Disney will be richer, Debbie Ohanian, the Van Van promoter, will be richer, and Fidel Castro will be able to stay a few more days in power. But, what about the 98 thousand Cubans that Castro has murdered in the last 40 years, just a few miles south of our home? And what of history, is it to be forgotten? What of our dignity, is it to be lost?


Santiago de Juan

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