By Ralph Rewes

Reciprocity: A mutual or cooperative interchange of favors or privileges, especially the exchange of rights or privileges of trade between nations

Reciprocity is mainly a principle, which fairly balances things out, and makes justice prevails above other considerations. Without reciprocity bullies take over any situation at the individual levels down to the social, religious, political, and individual aspects of a society. Lack of reciprocity opens the doors to totalitarian ideas to rule. Lack of reciprocity destroys human values one by one.

INTERNATIONAL POLITICS. In today’s complex world, the United States is paying a high price at an international level for not enforcing reciprocity in their international policies. We made friends with dictatorial figures, sold them out and then we tacitly approved worse dictatorial figures, totalitarian leaders. This tendency of selling out our friends under the phony pretense of fairness and then defend the rights of our enemies is one of the worst practices against reciprocity our domestic and international policies have. We have ended up with a world full of enemies, who hate us even when they do not know why.

With a questionable mask of democratic principles (cranked up by our domestic Communists), we give visas to propaganda artistic groups, lecturers, painters, and even sick commissars who " despite all they say about the greatness of socialist medicine and its progress in Cuba " often come to the States with the approval of our elected officials to be treated in our hospitals We do not demand reciprocity from the Cuban state " and I mentioned Cuba ruled by a totalitarian dictator for almost half a century, some nincompoops in Wikipedia consider Castro a paternalistic, benign son of a bitch.

The Cuban multi-decadent totalitarian rulers need not to reciprocate. They laugh their head off when they see how easy they can con free media in the west who are so blinded by official propaganda that they cannot see the fact that all socialized media, schools, teachers, professors, ministers, etc., etc., have only one function to perform, to praise the Lord of the Cuban land.

While the Cuban regime can open radio stations in the USA that broadcast dirty propaganda against our country, all dissident voices are shut on their side. But our government sees that as democratic rights, and defends the right of a dictator to use the democratic means of a free country.

Now, if the USA applied the rule of political reciprocity, as it should, it should demand from those involved that yes, they would be allowed to do so, but only if they reciprocate and allow Radio Martí, Radio Mambí or other American stations to broadcast in Cuba with the same freedom they receive here. Then democracy could expand.

The Saudis want to donate and support a mosque in the States? "Well, only if they allow us to do the same with Christian churches, Báhái or Buddhist temples, Synagogues, Humanistic Associations or even Atheist groups in Saudi Arabia, no funnel law " simple reciprocity. Then democracy could spread in those countries, where totalitarianism has so deeply perverted religion turning it into ruthless political machinery. Anything else is hypocrisy, political bullshit.

RELIGION. Religions in the free world have the privilege of expressing their points of view without being contested. Priests, pastors, rabbis, etc. have the privilege of attacking people who disagree with their rules while not allowing any dissident voice, no matter how faint. Some of them use the pulpits for hate mongering, to spread prejudice and fuel hate in the weak minds of the ignorant.

Reciprocity is needed for those being attacked by clerics to have the right to defend themselves from vicious lies and condemnation in the name of a god who does not clear the air because it does not speak clearly" how convenient for the clerics!

BUSINESS. Businessmen know how bad a practice it is not to reciprocate in business practices. Reciprocation weeds out risky business partners, liabilities and frauds. Reciprocity in business rewards good employees and dismisses poor performance.

POLITICS. Too long a subject for one short article. There is too much secrecy, too much corruption derived from secrecy. However, politician should know that cover-ups, compensating sycophants and pay back with sinecures are not by all means a manner of reciprocation, as it is commonly and wrongly understood.

FRIENDS: Reciprocate by all means every time you have a chance! They deserve it! The time you waste trying doing things for your enemies, you take it from your friends. The time you waste trying to have a stubborn, stupid person to mend his way, you are taking it away from a good friend who deserves it.

Be amicable, friendly, sympathetic, helpful, and attentive, with those who are amicable, friendly, sympathetic, helpful, and attentive with you. Don’t even spend quality time with people who openly or secretly despise you. Use that time to pay back the friends who really care for your.

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