by Ralph Rewes

It has been said before that Cuba instead of stone wall like that of Berlin had a water wall, where fugitives try to escape from total repression in an island where every citizen is blindfolded by the official press and media. Something that by association happens with certain Leftist press in the land of the free — censorship by omission.

Now Cuba has a physical wall of black fabrics. Good! When the time comes, the natives will have a wall to knock down. The deathlike black flags as you are probably thinking are a representative monument to the dark ages the Republic is going through. No one but a perturbed mind on the road down could have thought out a more dreadful and distasteful symbol. It must be an alert from the subconscious mind of a man mortified by senility.

Actually there are many followers that are now experiencing a sick feeling of mourning for their own souls. The day those flags go down, the bodies of some of them may be wrapped in them like symbolic shrouds.

I am waiting to see how the Party Parrots can soften up through their brilliant propaganda the negative effect those lugubrious rags imprinted in the minds of the common citizens. They are like gigantic blindfolds that prevent the average citizen to see what is written in documents like the Human Rights Chart. Many people will for sure question why is it that if the Government they have backs that chart, they cannot read what is in it. Could they be that phony? Many people will find the right answer, because not everybody thinks alike, not even the victims of obscurantism, who are already too many for Communist comfort.

The censoring black flags of modern dark ages are the perfect symbol. For once we agree with the President for Life of Cuba, he chose the perfect wall for the day the spirit of freedom finally takes over and knocks those odious monstrosity down.

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