The Red Hood That Stifles The Cuban Truth

By Ralph Rewes

These are confusing times, no doubt. The Communist crap paradoxically loves its potential executioner (remember Afghanistan): Islam, just because they both share an affinity for terrorism. The American Communists (the pits of sordid stupidity and suicidal values) take the guise of their ideological opponents and call themselves “liberals,” a term that the extreme Right, too, loves to use to call these two strange bedfellows.

The Right thinks that by using the well-earned infamous reputation of Communists they can smear the reputation of their long time antagonists, the actual liberals!(1)

Religious zealots are more concerned about building bombs, and propagating terror and hate that in studying theology. Christians Fundamentalists — our own brand of Taliban — care more about the widespread practice of anal sex than they do about their god losing emotional ground among thinking people. American gays, like Communist loving Muslims, have an idiotic admiration for the Left (infamous murderers and jailers of homosexual everywhere they got their paws on their victims by reaching absolute power).

Latin American politicians fight not for a prosperous future but to bring back their own societies to the Middle Ages. (2)

The almighty American Press practices a wide policy of censuring by omission , a policy American Communists started in Cuba (few people knows this) when they flooded the Cuban Universities at the beginning of the Castroite Regime. Today, the American Leftists (not Liberals) are suppressing Left and Left any work produced by Cuban exiles (as in the case of Del Pino, Celia Cruz, etc., with rights bought and shelved).

Although probably copied from European Communists, this practice of censuring by omission is the most widespread practice in America (the Hemisphere) pushed by those American Communist dopers McCarthy tried to warn us about. This warning was paradoxically beneficial to the busy red bees with a knack to turn things over for their benefit.

The practice of the American (not Liberal but Leftist) of Censoring by Omission is responsible for keeping the American readers in the dark about the atrocities uncovered after the fall of the European Communism. They censored by omission documents that told the participation of the friends of the Soviet Union against their own country; the spy business, the industrial spy business; the Russian subvention of some media, peace movements, peace marches, and infiltration of our universities and other higher learning institutions.

The American Communists(3), yes, the American Communists (somehow there are people who neither want to call them Communists, or are afraid of the consequences of being called McCarthyists. They are responsible for the Red Hood that suffocates the free expression of the Cuban exiles.

What brings us to the biggest question about Cuba: Why is it that Castro could remain in power for so, so, so long? Obviously, he had and HAS the backing of the American Communists. But then again, could it be possible that the American Communists were also responsible for the creation, the terrorist takeover of the Castroite guerrilla, and its permanency in power?

Then the same camarilla(4) repeats, insinuates, drops subtly the comments that the world does not care about Cuba, because the Cubans in the island are coward, they do not fight back, while the red clique represses in the press and the media any news about any kind of rebellion (and there has been a lot).

We have to dig into this pile of crap, bring up all the maneuvers of the American Communists disguised as Liberals. And we must be ready to prevent them to cover up all the atrocities that will be exposed after the fall of the Castro monstrous regime.

(1) Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry. b. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded. c. Of, relating to, or characteristic of liberalism. Just the opposite of a Communist and the opposite of a Fundamentalist moron.

(2) Please read the prophetic book El Perfecto Idiota Latinoamericano.

(3) The average American has two main understandings of what a Communist is, the most common acceptation is a. A member of a Marxist-Leninist party. However, the most widespread practical American Communist falls under the second acceptation: b. A supporter of such a party or movement.

(4) Clique


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