Questions on the Embargo

By Ralph Rewes

Q. Why is it so difficult to the USA to justify the embargo against Cuba?

A. Because we are talking about a stryggke between a democratic nation with laws, principles and a long tradition of freedom to dissent against the power of a totalitarian dictator with absolutely no scruples, no laws, no principles, one who invests more money in propaganda and buying proselytes than freeing the food Cuba produces to feed his people. Few people, blinded by the fantastic apparatus of Cuban propaganda, realize that Cuba has the capacity to feed itself and feed itself well, that the hunger and want the people suffer is the chained result of selling their food to Europe and China, and wasting the profits in Messianic political adventures!

Q. How effective is the embargo?

A. Only partially effective. It is a joke as to getting what the Cuban Military regime needs to support its repressive forces, defense mechanism, intelligence, espionage, etc. However, it prevents the Military Dictatorship from getting free moneys from American loans they do not intend to pay back, as they have done with other countries. The economic crisis in Cuba does not have anything to do with the embargo, but with the pyramid effect of communism and the moneys spent in instigators, journalists, congresses, international front associations, spies all over the world (not only in the USA), buying political favors, like congressmen's pledge to lobby for Castro in exchange of cash purchases from their state. Lately, Commandant Castro is betting good money in free elections in Latin American and, most probably in the USA, to elect friends. This is a risky game, but he thinks he had an outstanding success in electing Hugo Chávez, hoping to keep him under tight control.

Q. But Communists lost a lot with the downfall of the Soviet Union, how can an Inspector Clouseau* economy still work?

A. The Communist empire might have fallen, but thousand of frustrated followers, the Lumpencommunists rallied around a few Lumpencommunist dictatorships, with the help of a powerful media-controlling fifth column in the USA (some of them very rich bubble heads), are providing an invaluable help against the USA, just out of spite and hate. The former Soviet rulers left behind a powerful mechanism used during the war in Vietnam at an unbelievable high cost, the so called "peace" movements.

Q. Are they working now?

A. Yes, they are now retreating to re-examining their tactics and strategy, but they are there, corroding every institution they have already gained control of. However, circumstances have changed. They tried marches during their siding with Sadam, but these marches are very expensive, and they were overdoing it and it backfired on them. Clichés are poor and lack originality, "blood for oil" please!… They carry on their unscrupulous campaign in the most inappropriate moments. They are being perceived as what they are the worst elements of our society, taking side with the enemy, any enemy.

Q. Why are the media following their every step?

A. Although still widely infiltrated by the political Lumpencommunists, the media now is not so monolithically Leftist-controlled as it was during the Vietnam war. Fox News, for once, has opened the eyes of a large audience. During the Vietnam war although American pro-Communists were puppets of the Soviet Union's expansion, at least they were pretending a good cause. Presently, they are backing known dictators, especially the remaining Lumpencommunist dictatorships. And even if some rich Arab private or official patrons are picking up the tab now, they are exposing themselves too much for their own comfort.

Q. Why the American Left is so adamantly against the embargo, if the lifting of sanctions would mean zilch to our country?

A. Because they are afraid that, if the embargo succeeds in Cuba, their most beloved totalitarian idol may fall down. In the mind of some American idiots-savants intellectuals, Castro is still a romantic figure, a Caribbean Robin Hood (I fail to understand why these limousine Communists love thieves with such a passion).

Q. Why they hate Bush so intensely?

A. They don't hate Bush; they hate what he represents. They fear that Bush could wipe out the power the fanatic Communist Leftover still has in the United States. The Korean and the Caribbean red nuts are surviving heroes for them - never mind the thousands of innocent victims both have in their memories. Without them, they think, the Communist Leftover will be completely discredited, however it seems to be the opposite.

Cuba and Communism

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