By Ralph Rewes

The élite that surrounds the President for Life, Fidel Castro, is not very happy with his new plots. They know what is behind the recent incomprehensible moves that have brought the worst negative reactions the Cuban Military Regime ever received from both friends and foes. Castro is stepping into that twilight zone realm with a feeling of excessive pride, that which wise Ancient Greeks called the sin of Hybris (or Hubris).

Fidel Castro is gambling. He thinks the opposition is totally disarmed in the island and he believes that corralling and cornering people would not lead to violence. His trusts Cubans are a sheepish people.

He is betting on receiving help from newly acquired political partners, i.e., Hugo Chávez, Lula da Silva, the Argentine ambiguous Leftist new president, his homologous counterpart in Ecuador (whose Vice President Alfredo Palacio, in a recent visit to the Communist Military Leader met with Lage) and declared that Ecuador and Cuba share ³common goals² as you would put it in Castilian Spanish: ³joder²).

What common goal can they have but the infiltration of Communism in our Hemisphere? But Castro¹s biggest gambling lies in trusting, of all the people to trust, the Chinese businessmen of the new wave of Communists.

The longest dictator ever is putting all his eggs in a huge basket with many holes. In fact, he is gambling with the market. Moneys seem to be funneling into the island from a lot of questionable sources. Old ideology irrelevant now, he fuels the hate mechanism of the old Communist doctrine, while he adroitly intrigues and infiltrates everywhere.

Castro and his entourage of nouveaux riches Communists (see the List of Cuban Millionaires, compiled by Servando González) are investing and getting a lot of profits from European countries and also within the United States under the blind eye of a society that tend to underestimate the Dictator. Spain is mined with Castro businesses of all kind, hotels, restaurants, and other dubious business. However, they depend on the economy and official subsidies to keep themselves afloat.

Who are Castro¹s friends? Qadafi; Iran¹s theocratic élite of millionaire ayatollahs; Al Qaida remnants; Colombia narco-guerrillas; North Korea¹s mirror dictator; the American Communists, always in disguise and their pseudo religious pawns; and his friends in Congress.

Who are Castro¹s enemies? The reputation of ruthlessness that stain his dictatorial friends; Castro¹s love for terrorism and ties to terrorists, no matter what philosophical orientation they may have, as long as they hate democracy; the traditional unreliability of his Latin friends; the exposition of his American crypto Communist friends after 911, when they favored the enemy every chance they had; the probability that some of his friends in Congress lose their position, after being openly identified as Anti American.

All the Anti European hysteria, irrational epithets and ³I don¹t give a damn² front (with total disregard for the starving people in Cuba, following the North Korean pattern); is a clear plot to push the newly elected Presidents in Latin America to follow suit.

Castro thinks, this is the best moment to start confiscation of European hotels and other properties in the island, because, according to his betting, if he does so and gets away with, as he believes, those Latin American President will feel confident they will do the same with no repercussion.

It matters not that Castro loses all European investment, if he is that lucky as to accelerate nationalization in Latin America and foment tighter business ties with those countries, and free help (one must not forget that Castro is an infamous freeloader). He is used to dramatic switches during his longstanding regime, and despite his feeble mind, he thinks he still can make it (hybris). His word is ³keep the US busy, so they don¹t have time to do what they did to my friend Saddam.²

His intention is clear as water in the document presented to the European Union which reads after declaring that the Cuban Government has decided to renounce to the official help [from the EU] that ³las implicaciones prácticas de esta medida serán precisadas oportunamente por el Ministerio para la Inversión Extranjera. (the practical implications of this measure will be drafted with precision in its opportunity by the Ministry of Foreign Investment).² Did you get it? Few people have.

Then, he is working against time, his deteriorating health, his dwindling mind, his hysterical emotions, his frustration and even, perhaps (although the majority doubts it) remorse of killing so many, torturing so many and all in vain. However, he thinks like Erostatus (the twerp who burned down the Temple of Diana at Ephesus to attain immortality), he who destroys and plunders is remembered. If not, why people know so well who were Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Saddam, etc.

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