Por Ralph Rewes

During the brief history of our country, Americans had to intervene around the world, defending the rights of human being to freedom, prosperity and democracy. When this intervention was thorough, the results were positive, but when such an intervention was half-ass, consequences have been disastrous and had cost millions of life.

The reasons for those half-ass actions lay on the powerful influence of the American Left, a large group of Communist sympathizers that hides behind many façades — all of them united by a common goal, the manipulation of public opinion on their favor. The All-American Left has blood of millions on their conscious. Their influence stopped our country to get rid of the Soviet Union and Stalin, after getting rid of Hitler. The blood of the murdered, mostly innocent victims of Communist are on the heads of today's Communist sympathizers, included those in Congress doing their eroding instigations, backing every Communist cause, having Castro as a banner of their perverse thinking.

Other samples of half-ass actions:

* Invading Grenada or Panamá and leaving Castro alive and kicking

* Fighting a war in Korea to give half the country to ruthless dictators

* After a bloody fight losing Vietnam to the enemy, because the treasonous American Left changed the mood of our society with Soviet-subsidized Peace Marches and the help of dubious personalities like the Fonda woman fighting against her own country

* Invading Iraq and leaving Saddam behind to repeat something that should have been a case closed.

The war on terrorism will be in vain, if we follow a half-ass policy and do not terminate — by any means — with all the tyrannies on Earth. All of them, including the religious kingdoms and mono religious societies that do not allow room for diversity.

Even if a one tiny country, the size of Lichstenstein or Andorra is allowed to be ruled by a megalomaniac dictator, that will represent a serious danger for the future of humanity.

It is barbaric, immoral, disgusting the phony baloney policy, created by the American Left of course, against killing monster leaders, leading no other option but mass murdering soldiers instead, as in Iraq. They created such policy to protects Leftist leaders.

Iraq should not be the only totalitarian regime to disappeared, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. must follow. There will be no need to complete kicking out of power those on the whole list. I am positive that the moment a couple of them are toppled, they other ones will advice themselves and change before being obliterated.

Yet if only one of that list of totalitarian-minded countries is left untouched, the war against terrorism will be half-ass. As well as turning a blind eye, as in the past when countries like Colombia, Ireland and Spain have been brutal victims of terrorism (mostly from Communist sympathizers) and we did nothing.

Mr. President, this could be a turning point in the history of humanity. This century should go in history as the century when totalitarianism disappeared from Earth.


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