By Ralph Rewes

Don’t be mislead. The hidden essence of the Cuban [so-called] Revolution has always been malevolent. From its very beginning, it was deep-rooted in the Marxist-Leninist proposition that cruelty against innocents would turn a benign government into a harsh dictatorship. Then, the fruit would be ripe for Communists in the guise of the good guys to begin a fight against a corrupt government and, in the name of the workers, build the most deranged economical system ever, with the most ruthless totalitarianism ever, and the most corrupt political structure ever concocted.

The beginning should have had alerted the population; lamentably, it did not. The first attack of the nouveaux Communists (lead by Fidel and Raúl Castro) tells it all. They attacked and killed and maimed non-combatant soldiers lying sick and injured in a hospital. They all were handicapped, an easy target, and later on, the facts equivocated by the ruling military new class of Marxists, used for the “revolutionaries” to become legendary heroes. Can you imagine how it felt to those innocent young men to be massacred in their beds for no other reasons but to initiate a warpath toward power? Can you see their faces? Can you imagine the pain of their wounds?

The pictures of the victims were published in all the papers and magazines. It is lamentable that this vicious proof of the malignity of the “Revolution” is not reprinted every once in a while for everybody to realize how perverted this “Revolution” was from its bloody birth.

From then on, when the Batista Dictatorship murdered terrorists, with some innocent victims, and dropped their bodies everywhere. The Cuban media published their pictures. Thus the original massacre that started it all was forgotten and replaced by the bloody images of the new victims.

The distorted idea behind Batista’s overzealous forces was to “teach the revolutionaries terrorist a lesson.” So unsophisticated they were, as well as other Latin American gorillas. That did not happen when a sophisticated Totalitarianism replaced a vulgar Dictatorship.

The ruthless new rulers in an act of “holy revenge” began killing Batista’s followers in public spectacle, like the Taliban. Yet, when Cuban Communist gorillas realized how damaging to their image it was to see the pictures of their shooting on TV and other media, domestic and international, they immediately created a blackout of the printed image.

From then on, everything the revolutionaries did, was not be hidden and no pictures of their evil deeds were to be allowed. Picture taking of their atrocities became a major crime. To be sure, the state initiated the control of the sale of cameras and rolls of films. The blackout that started then continues today with the complicity of foreign journalists living “la dolce vita” in Havana.

Thus, the numerous crimes of the “Revolution” have become cold statistics. Few can identify with the monstrosities carried out by this hypocritical regime that uses propaganda better than Coca Cola does. No wonder American advertising agencies in Havana were the first to be confiscated.

We all know the high number of political prisoners in Cuba. We all know that there are people jailed because, starving, they had to steal a loaf of bread, a chicken, some plantains. We all know that prisoners of conscious are abused, beaten, raped, starved, let to rot with curable diseases with no medical assistance. Can you imagine? How does it feel? Can you put yourself in their shoes when they question, how can there be people so brutal, so inhumanly perverse? But… there are no pictures.

Imagine you being a blind man abused by strong, well fed, policemen, beaten, mentally tortured by people you cannot see? But there is no picture. Neither there is on photo of a guy whose two hands were amputated and he was cowardly beaten to a pulp by jailers. Imagine how it feels being hit and you receiving the punches, unable to stop them because you don’t have hands!

They know it is difficult for the people to identify with the victims unless you see a graphic rendering. That is why Communist rulers kill anyone who dares to photograph any situation that would show their savage nature. That is why the brutal Cuban regime does not allow UN inspection of any kind. Because there is a probability open of something going wrong — although they redecorate their prison façade.

Unless you are sensitive enough to imagine how it feels on your own skin what is like to suffer hunger so much that a cockroach is a delicacy, you will not understand. You have to imagine the taste of bug, the pains of hunger to identify. You have to imagine yourself to be humiliated, verbally abused, and dominated by sadistic guards who control your life as if you were an animal, every day of your life for years and years, to understand what people in Cuba are going through.

You have to imagine what is like to be beaten because you ask for water, when your throat is dry, just because your guard felt offended by your request. You have to imagine what is to be poked and teased and striped off your dignity. You have to imagine — for goodness sake — what does it feel to be abandoned in a dungeon, totally vulnerable in one the most despicable systems ever sired by ideological monsters.

If you don’t have the pictures of the events, at least try to imagine how does it feel, in the middle of the waters being eaten alive by sharks, put yourself in that place, open your understanding, so you never fall for the lies of a monster. Feel how your body parts are being ripped apart when you blood is still hot.

Yes, some people have an idea, if they know the Cuban military regime, what happened to the “13 de Marzo” tugboat. However, one needs to go a step forward and relive this experience in his mind. Try to comprehend this monstrosity through the eyes of their victims.

The Cuban Totalitarian Military Regime does not allow international rescue efforts to pull the bodies of the “13 de Marzo” tugboat because they are afraid that such an effort will break their picture blackout. The press would be able to show the world how callous they really are with pictures of the remains.

However, despite all their efforts, you can do it. Just imagine, you are mother holding a baby in your arms, and you see those brutal guards shooting strong blasts of water at you. You still don’t comprehend the magnitude of such cruelty, what have you done to deserve this from people you don’t even know?

Then your baby flies away and into the sea. Can you feel what she felt? Please try! Can hear children crying for their parents, why are they doing this to us? Can you feel the asphyxiating sensation of drowning? Yes, then multiply this sensation by dozen, then by hundreds, by thousands, those who gave their lives to the Florida Strait trying to go away from a political cancer with metastases in religious groups, US Congress, Greedy Businessmen from all over the world.

If you learn how to imagine, to picture how it feels to be a victim of Communism, you would be able to break the Cuban Gorillas total blackout on any pictures of their sick reality.

If you cannot take pictures of the horrible reality Cubans are facing in the Island, please picture it in your mind! It is not that difficult. Imagine how it feels being trapped in a place that goes down the drain a little bit at a time, where everything becomes surrealistic, absurd, cruel, perverted. Then you will know, what is to feel so desperate that you grab the landing gear of an intercontinental airplane and freeze to death holding to the dream of escaping hell.

Do so, put light in the blackout, and you will have a small percentage of what life under Communist Military Totalitarianism is!


Ralph Rewes
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