By Ralph Rewes

In August 2002, the Communist elements in the USA, Cuba, Argentina, Puerto Rico, etc. have cranked up an unprecedented, vicious Anti-American campaign on the InterNet. The Military regime has used most of the computers recently purchase to open a series of new propaganda sites; they even have an InterNet channel (6) that transmits only rigged news.

There is a noticeable increase of not only Communist propaganda, including that of well known organizations, like The Militant and Perspectivas, but also by newsgroup posters who has a full time task of reproducing every article they can find that would in one way or another discredit the US society.

After analyzing the posting, it becomes obvious, although it may not be so for some Intelligence agencies, that they are being instructed to work on three special fronts:

1. Helping the Palestinian terrorist image and their fight against Israel.

2. Instigating (best of Castro's arsenal of weapons) the internal crypto-communist elements in the USA, pseudo-religious organizations and journalists.

3. Carrying out an all out vicious discrediting campaign against the US democratic society.

It is an orchestrated movement that is preparing the background conditions to oppose any attack on Saddam Hussein. The sole idea that Saddam could be expelled from power gives them the creeps, especially to those who adore the overbearing figure of his Caribbean equivalent.

This campaign, which began with invitation to all kinds of friendly organizations and groups to Havana earlier this year, continues on apparently cheaper means, such as the InterNet. The whole shot in the dark of the Military Regime must be costing a bundle they can barely afford. However, few think that Castro himself supports it with personal funds. It is interesting to realize how some of the followers of this dictatorship still have the wrong idea that they are protecting a civilian society.

Please. Cuba is not a civilian society. It is a Totalitarian regime: Communist Military Gorillas, ruled by one a Mafia-style family, the CASTROS, kept in power by a gang of ruthless thugs, and an unbelievable propaganda apparatus.


Ralph Rewes

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