By Ralph Rewes

The Anti-American Flag since its Bolshevik beginning in Russia has attracted every political creep from all corners of the world. They all have something in common - they festered in hate. They are megalomaniac and ambitious demagogues, paranoid leaders from the extreme left, paternal dictators from the right, and medieval-minded religious leaders with political agendas.

Nothing has changed today, but for some new creeps added to the movement in the past century. Scratch the skin of these vicious elements and you will find their true nature. They all want to reach power by force and terror, govern by life-threatening methods in countries dotted with jails, and their venomous red blood is tainted with the green jealousy of Anti-Americanism.

It is not because they are followers of Islam - the most mind-controlling religion of our times - that they represent a mortal threat to civilization - not only to the USA. It is their Anti-Americanism. And they are not alone. What is really this Anti-American philosophy and where did it originated?

The Anti-American political movement came to life as a consolidated movement after the temporary success of the first completely totalitarian state in modern times. The leaders of that monster that was the Soviet Union needed an enemy for their mind-controlling political tyranny, and what better enemy that the country that uphold values like freedom, individual motivations, inventive, money-making enterprises.

The paradox of this propaganda gimmick lies in the discrimination that the ignorant followers of Marxist doctrines among the masses do not really get to understand. We all know that their leaders are well aware that Communism is nothing but an excellent demagoguery that keeps in power indefinitely.

That was why they needed to pick up one country, the USA, the one that represented the biggest danger for being the most fertile terrain for free ideas to prosper. However, they completely omitted the fact, that the USA was not the only free country in the world. But those other countries seemed to be accommodating to totalitarian ideas.

Latin America's intellectuals, watching the difference in prosperity between the USA and their own countries, instead of promoting progress opted for institutionalizing envy among the masses, while their rulers opted for "the hell with them [the peoples], let me get money quick to become like the US Americans."

Realizing all the above, nobody would be shocked or surprised to see masses loving Stalin or Hitler (as apparently they love Castro today). Both it was a surprise to see how one totalitarian system was not exactly dangerous to another totalitarian regime - and Hitler and Staling kissed up.

A democratic regime was dangerous. Yet, they also knew that a democracy thrives and works within the frame of commercial freedom (the terrible monster of capitalism) and there they found a loophole that would benefit them and made Lenin (the "Old Man who Invented Hunger," as island Cubans call him) publish sarcastic remarks such as "they [capitalists] for money will sell us the ropes with which we are going to hang them" (see Venezuela today).

Look around the world today, and you will soon find what kind of detestable elements are the ones hiding under the powerful umbrella of Anti-Americanism, for all of them are against progress, against civilization, against freedom of any kind, against the rule of law and in favor of the Messianic leaders with intentions to impose Fundamentalist ideas, religious and political - or both mixed.

Don't think it is an easy task to catalogue those creeps. They sprout everywhere. What gives them away? Their hate for individual freedom. You can count among them, Communists, first - they were the creators of the Anti-American flag. But they are also leftover Nazis and Fascists (also Anti-American). There are also backward Fundamentalists and political ayatollahs, being they Islamic or Christian Taliban (trying to impose their brand of one-sided Christian belief).

And especially, we must not forget a curious fauna, the creepy crawlers of the American intellectuality: the American pseudo-liberals (Communist in disguise), an amorphous mass in powerful position with the specific task of stifling the voices of any one who tries to expose them, and who although too coward or too rich to open fight capitalism inside, they take side with everyone abroad who wave the Anti-American flag.

These hypocritical and highly ignorant or malicious intellectuals plant infiltrators in every progressive movement on earth from the Greens to petty Christian churches that betray their own faith to help dwindling maniac in power for over 42 years in Cuba.

It is appalling how political activists (another name for communist-style instigators) are trying to hijack the Green movement to turn a group of environment-concerned, honest people into an anti-corporative, anti-big enterprise socialist movement. Those who haven't seen the formidable documentary aired June 14, 2002 on ABC by John Stossel should try to get a copy of it. It is the best exposé ever about what is going on to stop progress in the planet.

Again, one must be aware of organized Anti-American movements. It is not that everybody should love the USA, or that this country does not make mistakes, some of them, big boo-boos, yes, and another is a made up hate with no bases, but to serve the political agenda of retrograding elements.


Ralph Rewes

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