Not in the best interest

By Ralph Rewes

It is not in the best interest of the United States to involve religion in the war against terrorism. The absurd solutions of modern religions (political instruments all of them) lead only to violent confrontations of surreal deranged distortion of reality.

We must not forget that religion (especially the three mind-controlling ones from the Middle East) created those faith-based frankensteinish monsters, like terror; martyrs, victims; promised land; god-chosen people; god-rewarding killing; self-immolation; don't enjoy earthly pleasures and wait until you die (the worst the death, the more pleasurable the rewards); Messiahs with all-solving panaceas that never show up; heavens and hells molded by deranged imaginations out of touch with reality; prophets that speak in riddle nonsensical gobbledygook; replacement of logic by blind, and fanatic faith.

It is difficult for a sound mind to accept how easily religious leaders, and all their resounding boxes, put words in the mouth of a god, to justify their own ambitions, using unsolvable paradoxes created out of fantasies! How can anyone solve anything by using religious absurdity?

There is no way the USA can come out of such a conflict in good shape if we add more fuel to ancient false truths with modern false truths. We will step farther away from truth. The moment we go back to childish mockery like: "My god is better than yours!" we will get nowhere, maybe back to a dark age from which we may not be able to come back as thinking men.

Fallacies cannot be fed just to justify policies. All Middle East states are religious states, including Israel, where even its own citizens are not allowed to get married if they are atheists or they belong to any religion not sanctioned by the state - the three big ones recognized by this state that call itself "secular."

The Middle East conflict is an ancient, religious conflict. Therefore, there is not way to solve it using religious points of view without antagonizing one or the other. Only real secular states can create a world where people from all faiths and lack of it can live in harmony. That is why, the United States should curtail religious rhetoric when analyzing and trying to find a solution to this conflict.

Every state in the region must re-evaluate its position, staying away from imposing by force its religious beliefs or persecuting those who have the right to have none. The state of Israel was founded on the religious fallacy of a land promised by a god, but no matter its origin, it is now a nation that under all circumstance has to right to exist and their inhabitants should have the right to live in peace with the neighbors.

Muslims must accept their multiple defeats, because those who use force instead of conviction to obtain their goal, should be ready to bow gracefully when the same force they challenged defeats them.

It is not in the best interest of Israel to wave the flag of being victims from a dark past, trying to create guilt among people who were not responsible about the horrible extermination and persecution their ancestors suffered in a past in which no young people today participated. Not in the best interest to try to present themselves as the only victims in the Palestinian conflict. The Israeli morality will raise or fall not by what their enemies will say about them, but by what they say about their enemy.

It is not in the best interest of Jews to dot the world of moments to their Holocaust while looking the other way from similar and more current monstrous occurrences like the Kampuchea's 3 million people murdered by a Communist state, not at all different from the Nazis. Peoples find such behavior as hypocritical and attract less sympathy toward every lack of condemnation of modern day atrocities. The Jewish people will be safe as well, the day when all atrocities become as abhorrent as the one they suffered.

It is not in the best interest of Muslims to accept fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is keeping them in the dark. Interesting, Iraq was of the more advanced Muslim countries, with a modern mentality in many aspects, thwarted by tyranny. Their excessive attachment to tradition, without adjusting to modern times, plus an explosion of fanaticism, only succeeds in having the rest of the world perceive them as Barbarians.

It is not in the best interest of the rest of the world to get too involved in this religious conflict until its parties decide to stop putting words in the mouth of a god who does not speak by himself. They must begin to consider sacrilegious to do so. The rest of the world should spend more time looking at their own problems, trying to find a solution to their own messes.

It is not in the best interest of United States to be too submerged in the ME conflict, while overlooking what is going on in Latin America, especially in the Colombian terrorism. It is not good either to have different standards to measure terrorism, or we risk projecting a hypocrite international policy. Not a good thing for officials not to break the silence of the black out of news from terrorism in Colombia as applied in the US press.


Ralph Rewes

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