The Mexican Embassy Case

by Ralph Rewes

The Mexican Embassy case may be the biggest publicity fraud every created by the gurus of the Cuban "intelligence" services. Everything was prepared. To the point that the moment the incident happened, the Communist regime had the people ready to cut the communications so that foreign journalists could not broadcast any damaging image out of the island. The Miami Herald had a vicious headline on the InterNet version blaming Radio Martí in as-a-matter-of-fact style as instigator of the riots and this opinion placed as truth just before the one linking to the incidents.

It was obvious that the visit of the "President" was prepared beforehand, the whole area was staged. It is hard to believe that the Mexican government could be so easily duped into believing such a farce. The who scheme had a couple of motivations and intents, as it is common procedure of the totalitarian Communist regime that not only controls all the press inside the island but also the foreign journalists, like Lucía Newman that receives a salary to carefully word every news coming out of the island and look to the other side when a big event happens (by the way while other reporters were beaten, she was not even shouted at).

The whole show was nothing but a threat to Mexico, if they kept an "open door" policy toward internal dissidents and to the US hinting another Mariel exodus.

The quid of the matter lies, worse, in how this type of action is perceive in other countries. It is another of a long series of escape intent of discontents, not a fight for freedom, but a fight to escape from tyranny, and there is a difference. There are few in Cuba with interest in risking his life to see their country, family and friends living in a free society. All they can think about (and they were subtly programmed to feel like that) is to escape, no matter where to, but especially to the USA, where they could have a future for free, although for that they have to risk their lives.

The odds to live a better life if the goal is reached are better this way than if the freedom of the island is conquered but he economic destruction in place will not allow - they think - to live comfortable or with the luxury they would have if reach the Yuma (idealized vision of the USA most Cubans in the island have).

The staged "invasion" of the Mexican Embassy may be perceived as an act of desperation, yet it is nothing heroic because there was nothing behind but human selfishness among some of the participants, there was no fight for their homeland, there was not fight for freedom, the persons responsible for all the torments the Cuban people is going through were right there at the reach of stones and by taking the pipes away from those who beating them to pulp. Where were those that could have said "Enough!" and fight back for goodness sake?

Was there anyone that sparked in a patriotic gesture a furious attack against the oppressors? No. How can you run away from your friends when they were beaten by the brutal bulldogs of a Gran Cacique? That is sad, terribly sad. That is why we all have to read odes to the tyrant propagated by the vilifying monsters infatuated with one of the worst tyrannies ever. It is a lamentable fight between cowards.

Cowards are those bullies who mercilessly bang the head of their own brothers and cowards are those who, seeing friends and family, jailed tortured and brutally kicked and punched, don't chase them and fight back even at the risk of their lives.

Sad, very sad.


Ralph Rewes

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