Por Ralph Rewes

The choice for enemy countries of the USA was spread in front of President Bush, but there were only three, and Cuba was missing. Why?

For one reason alone, Communist Cuba should be picked as Enemy #1 of the United States. And that reason is instigation. But, wait, do not equal instigation with gossip, although gossip is part of it. We are talking big times political instigation carried out by the Cuban Al-Qaida, the most powerful propaganda system on Earth, with a horrifying, eroding influence in America, not only in the USA, but in the whole continent.

I understand that Iraq and Iran are great concern for Israel, and the US as an ally of this religious enclave inside a religious enemy territory, leaned toward the idea of considering those countries enemies as well, until they became real enemies of us.

However, as well as the USA defends the right of Israel to exist (no matter how absurd the religious ground was for its creation, Israel is there and that is an irreversible fact), Israel should also be concerned with the security of the USA, for if this is missing, Israel's security will be lost.

When given the choices for future target, the Israel's interests have been placed ahead of the US interests, and the Arab terrorists are given more consideration than the one given to Latin American terrorists who has been destroying the countries of this region and their economy for decades.

Communist-controlled Cuba is the most dangerous enemy of the USA simply because it had been able to infiltrate anti freedom ideas right in the core of this country with constant barrage of highly refined propaganda and with the help of cliché-thinking Leftist intellectuals, incapable of using simple logic. Communist Cuba is training its agents to attack the InterNet and, while distracting the US Government's opinion with "conciliatory" remarks, the Party is engaged in all kind of terrorist activities undercover.

If the mind of the American Intelligentsia gets too stuck in Iran, Iraq and North Korea, while underestimating Cuba, our future will be bleak. I am not saying that Iran, Iraq and North Korea are dangerous enemies with terrible intentions, but their intentions are open, while Communist Cuba is the vicious party, the one classified as that of the third kind in Robert J. Ringer's Winning Through Intimidation.

One cannot go on a wide battle while having vicious, relentless enemies ready to attack us on the back and in our own entrails. It all has to do with underestimation. Not because Communist Cuba lost African battles, it has lost the war. Communist Cuba stopped in Africa, but has been busy and increasingly dangerous creating potential antidemocratic situation in Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina.

Communism in Cuba should be first to go on that list, since the disappearance of the control by the Communists in that empoverished island will make not only the backyard, but also our home safer to continuing the engagement in the war against terrorism.


Ralph Rewes

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