REFLECTIONS by Ralph Rewes

Almost all anti-American movements: political cells, militants, intellectuals, journalists, communist and religious Fundamentalists, resented rulers, vicious hate mongers, all of them were caught by surprise before the swift and effective reaction of the present administration against the Barbarians' brutality of September 11, 2001. They did not expect such a violent reaction. Foreigners especially have always fail to understand that this apparently loosely-held society has an uncanny capacity to pull itself together against a foreign enemy when physically attacked.

Even the multiple groups of foreign and domestic enemies within have been cautious, afraid, and careful in their constant anti-American rhetoric. Cuba's communist regime, which spends millions and millions of dollars taken from the public moneys in proselitism and international propaganda idealizing its leader, has change policy already a couple of time. But watch it, it has changed the appearance, not the substance of their constant instigation against the USA.

The Cuban Communist regime is spending more money than it can now, trying to hold together a regime that is spinning out of control by the day, with the possibility of an abrupt end with the death of its ailing dictator. That will be devastating for their obsolete economic and dictatorial structure. How many Aslan Institute type of treatment can Fidel Castro stand? There is a moment that the rejuvenating treatment that seems to be keeping him alive will not be tolerated by his over-abused body. This reaction, they know, is not far in time. Rubber stamp leaders know this very well. That is why one is witnessing a new soft stance that is being put up through their extraordinary propaganda and instigation structure world-wide.

A frightening situation in Cuba is about to curdle and its consequences will soon resound all over the world. However, the USA should keep an attitude of incredulity. The Communist new stance is as changeable as the attitude that had made possible the permanence of that government in power for such a long time. When the Cuban Communist regime shows its prowess, its motivation is always twofold.

For instance, they have been inviting foreign journalists in Cuba (which - it is not secret - are coerced, limited, supervised, blackmailed and even controlled by the regime) to take a peek at the Guantánamo Bay base, to witness how the American soldiers are treating the Taliban prisoners, concerned by their rights.

That is one point, the other is to show how capable the Cuban Communists are to provide that service (at a price, of course), and how they can use it as a sample of their capacities, both to spy and to instigate using the "free press." - as this totalitarian regime has been doing for decades. As for the journalists who lend themselves for such a questionable task, they may be mesmerized by curiosity mixed with lack of scruples. Spying on the USA from Cuba and transmitting from an enemy country to the whole world is no doubt morally questionable. This new Communist sponsored show is giving the Communist Cubans the upper hand on the Guantánamo story. No wonder Castro was happy to see this human cargo come to Guantánamo Bay.

On the internal front, the anti-American domestic elements are trying to build out of the Enron case another political "scandal" they are so adroit in making, similar to the Contra, Watergate, and others, trying to gather ammunitions against the present administration that represents a dangerous possibility of being uncovered if the present administration continues to pursue all kind of terrorist activities, no only anti-American terrorism - behavior they think would affect all their friends all over their world, including the brutal, sadistic Colombian guerrillas, Castro, etc. This is a dangerous path.

As for Usama, Omar, and the rest of the idols of creepy Muslim Fundamentalist nuts, I have my speculations, but since I have not seen anything similar to what I think published, I rather ignore the subject.

Again, the USA cannot show any signal of weakness. And most of all, our Administration should not allow itself to fall prey to a battle of Semantics with the American Left (read: Communists and anti-Democratic sympathizers), it is time to start calling a spade a spade. A traitor is a traitor, not a confused person, and he who endangers the lives not only of fighting men of his own country, but also children and innocent people should be called a damn traitor. The Al-Qaeda prisoners are not "illegal fighters," they are battling terrorists.


Ralph Rewes

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