by Ralph Rewes

A Costly Campaign That May Cost The Communist Regime More Than It Can Afford

After the monstrous attack to the Twin Towers in New York, the immediate reaction of Communists and Communist sympathizers was awe. Not because of the tragedy itself, but because they themselves have been harboring in their one-track minds powerful anti-American sentiments, and they became afraid of being connected to the perpetrators, at least, intellectually.

Then, the second reaction was to timidly begin working on antiwar demonstrations they thought appropriate in their anti US Government perennial paraphernalia. They were not encouraged by the fast reaction in they people they saw against their move. It was too dangerous to burn US flags and pull trash out of their usual bag of tricks.

So all of them decided to just pop out on the media every once in a while to express apparently “reasonable” criticisms, especially concerns about the Military Tribunals, when the US Government uncovers — if it decides to do it — their participation in other international terrorist operations, such as Castro's, Nicaragua, Colombia, etc. Those tribunals could be lethal to them. They — freedom killers — showed concern for possible loss of freedom — theirs. Copy cats journalists mimicked their timid pussyfooting. So US Left decided to remain dormant cells like Al Qaeda's and wait.

When one compares the attitude of these groups all over the world with Castro’s political moves, one can see that the Communist Dictator has being following a similar path. After September 11, the Cuban Communist regime and its Ruling Party with its Ruling Dictator are spending all they have and all they don’t have in an international activation of all their cells, especially within the United States where they are dormant cells of a dangerous enemy within.

From that date on, the Cuban Communist Regime has gone wild making up every excuse possible to bring groups to Cuba and, since their diplomatically protected instigators were prevented from doing the intense proselytizing campaign in US universities as they were doing with the blessing of Bill Clinton, they are now giving scholarships to American students, and also piled up a large number of “studies” and “cooperation” gettogethers, from book "preservation" to “archeological” projects to attract young Americans to the island for indoctrination and proselytism.

One can only conclude that the Cuban Communist Regime is also planting dormant communist cells all over the States for future activities that may include demonstrations, sabotage, and even legal fights. And we must insist to use the word “Communists” that some Reuters, AP and CNN journalists shy away from, despite the fact that the Cuban Communist Government is proud of their “Communist” ideology and of being ruled by one party, the Communist Party.

Not using the word “Communist” is a twofold tactic: one, to give a false impression that the Cuban Regime is moving away from this totalitarian ideology, and two, by not using the word “communist” those, especially Americans, who praise the Cuban Communist Regime and become frequent visitors of the Communist Symposium look like non-communist peace-seekers, honest people, which they are not.

It is important, yes, for the USA to concentrate most of its Intelligence gathering on the Submission (Islam) terrorist networks. But don't make it look, as some Arabs claim, as an anti Islam thing, even if it were. We would have double standards the moment we apply a different measuring stick for justice to internal Communists that have been friends to Latin American terrorists for decades.

And, I am sorry, I have to hammer on the following subject so you can realize how intricate this political cell-planting policy of the Communist Regime in Cuba is. For instance, few know that Communists in Cuba participated intensively in the editing of the country’s Constitution of 1940. They included human rights that at that time were missing in the USA Constitution. Yet, the moment they took over the island, they got away with that Constitution. This is the way Communists work.

“Leftists” (Communists and Communist-sympathizers) have been putting in place in our nation, protective mechanism, legal and semantics to give an American by birth some rights that may go beyond the security of the nation, if they belong to Leftist groups, while other Americans’ rights are overlooked or not worth defending as in the case of the three American citizens murdered by the Cuban Communist Air Force and the US Government of that period.

It is interesting to point out that an accusation of McCarthyism in a Left-controlled media would be enough to destroy a writer, a commentator or anyone related to the media. In fact, regardless of the fact that McCarthy went too far, the manipulation of this term was so skillful that it was added as a dictionary acceptation: Mc•Car•thy•ism n. 1. The practice of publicizing accusations of political disloyalty or subversion with insufficient regard to evidence. The thing is that you have never heard anyone from the Left being accused of McCarthyism, have you?

The accusation of McCarthyism is nothing but a semantic gimmick of the Left and only of the Left to censor the free expression of anyone who may point the finger underground communists. This is only one aspect. Many other manacles have been put on the hands of mechanisms that protected our nation. So when you asked yourself how terrorists could infiltrate our country and act undetectedly and be free to destroy, kill and maim Americans, remember those manacles.

Now, this way-out, costly campaign, to lure new “friends” and proselytes the Cuban Communist Regime is engaged in, could do the dictatorship in. The millions taken from the Communist moneys to buy goods in the USA had that purpose, propaganda and tempting greedy American capitalists into helping the Communist Dictator make a hole in the embargo, something Castro had to stop short. How many more millions must have been already spent in other Zusammenhänge is anybody's guess.

Whatever the results for this campaign, it is important to keep an eye on the activities of the Cuban Communist cadres, on their goals an — especially — what kind of stuff they may bring from Cuba into this country (as the "rat venom" Pastors for Peace sneaked into the country). I just hope the American Left’s fervor for totalitarianism does not blind them to suicide.


Ralph Rewes

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