by Ralph Rewes

December 13, 2001

Blind defenders of a dictator that has destroyed his own country, puppet organizations working actively to discredit the USA, a country that opened its arms thinking they were the refugees they are not. They should have been deported long time ago. These are the true Miami Mafia and the should not allowed back into the USA when they visit their Godfather to kiss his... ring.

Alianza Martiana, Alianza de Trabajadores Cubanos, Brigada Antonio Maceo (the notorious "maceítos," Centro de Acción Internacional, Liga de Defensa Cubanoamericana and Rescate Cultural Afrocubano (what are they doing to protect the oppressed blacks in Cuba) are organizations created in the middle of a large population of Cuban exiles with the main purpose of terrorizing the victims of the Communist Regime in Cuba whose mind are filled with the terrifying images of the persecution, jail, executions, tortures and drownings of desperate people.

These pro-Castro networks have been gaining terrain step by step, but they had a big boost under the Bill Clinton's administration, to the point that today they even have Commentators on the Miami radio spreading venom left and right, and propaganda created in Havana against the exiled victims of a monstrous revolution that have already devoured most of its children. They also attack any pro-Democracy policy of the United States any time they have a chance backed by infiltrators in the media.

Castro's networks front organization recently gathered in Miami under the excuse of welcoming the relatives of Gerardo Hernández and other spies (birds of one feather flock together), but in reality, they are getting ready for the new campaign promoted against the US war in Afghanistan, trying to stop the probability of being properly labeled as potential terrorist since they are backer of a country listed as "terrorists."

Wilfredo Cancio Isla reported the social event on the Miami Herald and called these Communist infiltrators "activists" as if of a good cause and quote them extensively. Although in one line, he feels the need to clarify that when notorious Andrés Gómez said that "From the beginning we are in contact with them," by "them" he meant the relatives of the five spies - not the Cuban Communist Party?

Wilfredo ends his report of the social event of these Communist socialites with a repulsive quotation by Gómez making a comparison between airplanes of Usama Ben Laden's planes flying over Miami (not terrorists highjacking commercial planes full of innocent civilians) with Brother to the Rescue.

I can't imagine greater immoral audacity. And I fail to understand how a reporter can lend himself as a spokesman for such an insolent comment, so vexing and so cruel to the family and the mothers of the victims, again, mothers of victims murdered by the Cuban Dictatorship these creeps defend, not mothers of spies working for that dictatorship. .


Ralph Rewes

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