By Ralph Rewes

Cuban Communist Party under instructions of its Leader for Life Cranks Up Another Anti American Meeting of Red Souls in Havana with the Intent to Counteract the War Against Terrorism.

Impoverished, brain-washed masses in Havana are forced to give up food, eggs included, in order to pay millions to Latin American sycophants (guatacas y arrastraos) to spend an all-expenses paid in Castro¹s personal island real estate.

A symbol of terror since the beginning of his armed struggle to topple a previous dictatorship to establish one even worse, Castro has been spending billions trying to upset the order in every Latin American Country or in Africa, even in the Middle East, in Yemen. The trail of blood of Cuban mercenary ³internacionalistas² soldiers goes a long way.

Yet biased reporters from Reuters, for instance, still call him ³President² following the notorious Style Sheet (see this article) to help the dark side of the political spectrum. and even dared to write that Castro established a Socialist Society in an Island controlled by a fascist militariy, a family of Mafiosi, the Castros, and a runt of repressive police.

This pseudo journalistic from Reunters is offensive to every decent journalist in the world, especially because technically speaking he does not write for the Cuban repressive machinery with international tentacles almost every where. The propaganda ministry of the Party couldn¹t write a better political pamphlet that this anonymous persons who reported this from Havana.

Ralph Rewes

³Meeting in Havana of anti-American Forces.

HAVANA, Dec 4 (Reuters) - Hundreds of left-wing politicians and activists from across Latin America began a four-day meeting in Havana on Tuesday in a bid to unite their efforts against American and capitalist influence around the world.

Cuban President Fidel Castro, a symbol of the Latin American left since his 1959 revolution and establishment of a socialist society on the Caribbean island, joined 400 delegates at the opening of the 10th meeting of the São Paulo Forum.

Other attendees included Brazilian opposition leader Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva of the Workers Party, and Nicaragua¹s former president, Daniel Ortega. Subjects up for debate were opposition to the planned Free Trade Area of the Americas, the U.S. reaction to the Sept. 11 attacks, American involvement in the anti-cocaine ³Plan Colombia,² the U.S. naval presence on Puerto Rico¹s island of Vieques and ³neoliberal² tendencies in the global economy.

It is not right for a handful of big powers to monopolize all the riches and development ... while at the same time stay immune from the consequences of political, economic and social polarization, said José Ramón Balaguer, a senior figure from the Politburo of Cuba¹s ruling Communist Party.

He added the U.S. response to Sept. 11 was a crude attempt to step up an old imperialist tactic of presenting as criminals those who oppose its dictates, especially in the left and popular movements.

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