Cautiously crawling out of their rocks they have been hiding under since the 9/11 events, the red rats are at it.

By Ralph Rewes

Mon, Nov 26, 2001

Taught by the masters of deceit — the Communists — the Taliban propagandists are using Semantics. In fact, one can now read drops of words as if at random in reports coming from Afghanistan. The goal is to present the Northern Alliance under the worst lights. They hope a bad image for them, as allies of the USA, will tarnish the American image as a consequence. For that purpose, for instance, the word “atrocities” are frequently used to describe any revenge these fighters may take with people who used all kinds of dirty tactics against them.

It was the same tactic used in Vietnam to create an internal mood in our country. Little was said about the Red Vietnamese lack of scruples, their cruelty, massacres and atrocities. Not that the Northern Alliance men are saints, but the Taliban were the ones who constantly committed atrocities. If they get some back from the Northern Alliance, it was coming to them.

This semantic misuse of words is something relatively new in reference to Afghanistan. One can see reporters going overboard to describe or try to photograph any misbehavior allegedly committed by the Northern Alliance on poor defenseless Taliban prisoners. What about the last atrocities with suicidal nuts in the jail they were in? Is that not an atrocity?

Just today I read something that is ridiculous if it were not for the seriousness of the misuse of Semantics with a dark purpose: “the brutal rape of women” as if rape per se were not a brutal action and, of course, they were referring to the Northern Alliance soldiers in Kabul in their before-Taliban rule, as to justify the brutality of the Taliban.

We have to stop using silly political correctness and call a spade a spade. We must separate Leftists from hard-core Communists, Liberals from Cryptocommunists, Rightist from Christian Fundamentalists. It is time for people to take their own political position without hiding behind the Democratic or Republican parties in order to get to important political position to better serve their anti American cause. .

The main difference between Al Qaeda and the Castro’s Network in the USA and other countries lies that Al Qaeda depended on money, while Castro depended on the money he can get from unscrupulous international businesses AND political allies at high governmental spheres in many countries, INCLUDING the USA — the enemies within. An exposure of Castro will convey the exposure of a political cancer that has tied up the hands of our defense bodies close to total incapacitation. And that is the reason why that Messianic dictator, the worst enemy of the USA is still there.

By the way, to realize how similar the Communists and the Al Qaeda are, one just have to see the soc.culture.cuba group on the InterNet and check the postings of pro-Castro followers like D.Torres or Guzmanalex and read their posting on the war in Afghanistan. The main theme of all these activities is one: discredit anything the USA may do. Slander the intentions of our country, because that — they think — makes them look good and progressive.

The so called Left (read Communists, and especially pro-Castro Communists are currently popping out with comments like the one by “Liberal” writer, Norman Mailer, a man who exulted murder, justifying the destruction of the WTC towers. Other writers are beginning to lose the fear for the public reaction and are also contributing with the campaign against the Government trying to undermine its moral force.

The criticism to the military tribunals, now labeled “kangaroo courts” by the Semanticists of the Left is not the result of honest preoccupation for justice being carried out on foreign enemies. No. It is a buildup of another shield to protect internal traitors, some born by mistake in this country and a lot of naturalized enemies, particularly Communhist agents from Cuba, with the help of infiltrated people Cuba had in the immigration department. Hard to believe? Castro planted spies (known) even in the Pentagon, like Ana Belén Monte.

It is time to realize who is who, not with the intention of political persecution, but just to know who they are and take the masks of candid liberal off their faces, for the people to see their true color and not to fall for their anti-American scheme.

One cannot let himself be convinced that Communism is not anti American. Communism has been for decades number one instigator of anti Americanism. Communism is intrinsically anti American. No doubt about it. Just ask anyone who has lived in Communist country.


Ralph Rewes


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