By Ralph Rewes

Left and Right, and Blaming the Right to Distract the Attention from the Left is Doing: A Semantic Confusion that Must be Untangled

The Post War II Era was one full of new political and philosophical tendencies that confused the hell out of the everyday man. Incapable of processing them he was drawn into those groups that offered black and white solutions and leaders who could do the thinking for them. Thus, Communist expansion grew beyond the unimaginable.

It was puzzling to see how (besides the sell-out of the Eastern European countries) other nations fell into a totalitarian regime after the atrocities committed by another similar Totalitarian regime in Germany were exposed. But as I wrote before, “people don’t read History, and if they do, they seldom process it.” Right next to the USA, a well-educated nation like Cuba fell before the temptation of a leader with razor-sharp tongue and golden demagoguery. It was a success for the promoters of Communist Fundamentalism.

Furthermore, an era of entertainment had sprung up, competing for the attention of the masses. Where entertainment did not rule, Totalitarians did, dreaming up ways to stick the venomous darts especially in the realm of Art and propaganda. They also worked on Semantics to set up the bases of the confusion were are facing today (read Communist Semantics), Left, Right, Liberal, Conservatist, Reactionary, Progressive, etc. all but empty words to be manipulated by Communist and Socialist intellectuals.

For anyone who has been fully aware of such an active propaganda mechanism and how efficiently it has been working it is no surprise reading in the press or hearing on TV the newest diversion tactics of a hidden, cankerous Communist loose network. One of the latest struggle is the diversion of the Anthrax investigation toward what they call “Right,” who could be anyone, as long as they are an enemy of them. By so doing, a culprit in the Left could be safe and may even escape detection.

Not all Communists are conspirators, there are some honest, confused, naive souls that thought it was a way to solve the miseries of human beings. They thought, men had to be forced into servitude in order to make him socially submissive to changes that eventually will give him back all he had lost during the struggle — destroying a good house throwing to waste all the construction knowledge to build another one with good intentions, like the road to Hell.

But there is a dark, implacable — fanatic even — organization whose strings lead back to the Cuban Communist Party, headed for over 42 years by one of the shrewdest dictators in history. One could bet that pro-Cuban anti-American network in the USA and other countries is the worst enemy this country has after Al Qaida. They have been carefully instructed not to show their true colors, especially, their potential for terrorism, until the moment is right.

Even after the 9-11 horrifying events, the Cuban Government and its Cuban Al Qaida Network in the USA, have presented their usual two faces. One pushing the image of the aging dictator as someone harmless and willing to cooperate with the United States in its war against terrorism. However, at the same time, the Cuban Al Qaida Network has been beating drums of war, with incessant propaganda and instigation and frequent gatherings in Havana of the worse elements of Communist Fundamentalism — from the recent “congress” of anti-American journalists in Latin America to unleash a propaganda war against the war in Afghanistan, to a future gathering of willing or dumbfounded participants of the Cuban anti-American Al Qaida Network in Havana for the first week of December.

It would be unwise for the CIA or other intelligence agencies to turn a blind eye on this event, as it has been the attitude in the past. The goal of this meeting of eroding and potentially terrorist minds is to coordinate their efforts in Latin America to protect the guerrillas, to back Hugo Chávez escalating oppression of Venezuela and to fight off any progress in Latin America that could be credit to the US efforts to push the advancement of these countries.

Among the participants, 80 Leftist parties and organizations from Spanish America and the Caribbean, in the so called São Paulo’s Forum. Spain’s Big Commissar from its Communist party, Francisco Frutos and a “Leader of the United Left, Gaspar Llamazares will be there. You will also have leaders like Cauahtémoc Cárdenas, limousine Communist from Mexico and you can bet some “distinguished” guests from the USA Cuban Network whose names have been kept secret, because “this is not the right moment for them to be exposed.”

The goal of these anti-progress elements in that Communist Think Tank Zusammenhang is to attack and discredit the creation of ALCA (Latin American Common Market) that will benefit the countries of the region, but which will isolate the Caribbean Communist icon of these dubious characters. These constant meetings of friends in Havana are not only revolting because they are made without the approval or consultation of the people at a high economical cost, but they are also a fueling for anti Americanism that on time fuels terror against the USA.

This is a good time for the “Left” and “the pseudo Liberals” to wise up and disengage from the activities of the Cuban Al Qaida Network. Especially staying away from those pseudo religious groups, fronts that mirror Cuban Communist Party lines, like Pastors for Peace, engaged in the questionable and dangerous task of bringing chemical rat killers (based on a food poisoning element, salmonella) sneaked through he borders and into New York. And please, do not confuse Communists with Liberals, there is nothing farther from a Communist than a real Liberal.

In the meanwhile, the Cuban Al Qaida Network is now engaged in a distracting campaign shift the eyes to the American “Right” when looking for the culprit of the Anthrax scare, while all the psychological and background philosophy for such a behavior thrives in the arsenal of the “Left.” I really hope that the FBI is conducting an in-depth investigation and seize and confiscate this poison for analysis. If these subjects were willing to secretly introduce dangerous chemicals into the country from an enemy regime, what else could they do?

It is repulsive to see the hypocritical attitude of the Cuban Al Qaida Network in favor of a dictator who just proved he has millions to invest in propaganda and outside organizations while his people is starving, discriminated, and whose only dwelling constructions thriving are jails. The funds that support these international anti-American activities by the Cuban Al Qaida Network should be frozen and its moneys put into a special Cuban account to help rebuild the island from the devastating destruction caused by over four decades of Marxism. And the American Left should accept the fact that Marx might have written some insights about his time, but his writings are as obsolete now as the Middle Age Fundamentalism of the Taliban is.

Let us see the truth in this Cuban humorous, yet truthful, philosophy.

One cannot be intelligent, good and Communist at the same time… Because if one is intelligent and Communist, he cannot be good. If one is good and Communist, he cannot be Intelligent, and if one is intelligent and good, he cannot be Communist!”


Ralph Rewes
November 23, 2001

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