Paradoxically they say God made man in his own image — Then they mame and kill that godlike image!

The beauty of civilization lies in the multiplicity of ideas. The disgrace of a civilization is when only one ideology rules aiming to destruct other ideas. This ruling ideology may be a religion, a philosophy, or a totalitarian political system.

Diversity is the right word. That is why when I listened President George W. Bush speak about our society in terms of a home for all kinds of believes to flowerish in harmony, I was pleased with the wisdom of his words, even though I may not share any religious belief or even when I find that the rights of agnostics or atheists are seldom mentioned as part of this diversity.

I realized how important the right to express religious feelings was, when I returned to the States after experiencing first hand what a horrendous vacuum was left when a totalitarian regime completely prohibited people to celebrate religious holidays, like Christmas.

I cannot forget the gloom of those faces coerced into silence. I also remember I cried when after six long years I heard again a Chrismas carol sung freely and openly in the streets of New York, that city that represents the world living in harmony — maybe that is the reason why this city is hated by those who beat their mothers, wives and sisters into submission.

It is very important that diversity thrives as a viable, civilized way for men of different creeds to work and share their differences and together look for their truths, socially and individually, free from any kind of imposition. I don't think if there is a God, he will be pleased with people who hide the truth from others, with people who put words in his mouth, with people who mutilate, mame and kill his neighbors, "God's creation in his image and likeness," as they claim.

Religion has two faces, one of a kind God, one of a vengeful one. For some God is tolerant, merciful, who wants man to understand his peer. In fact, I don't think man would ever understand God, if he cannot understand himself and his fellow men. Men thus put on the face of the God that suits their inner feelings. Some wear the face of love. Some prefer the grotesque mask of hate. Some religious leaders preach understanding, forgiveness. Others preach hate and thrive on it. They are enemies of themselves, full of rancor and sexual fears and frustrations. All Talibans, Muslim or Christians share the same patterns.

Right now, in middle of a war carried out because no other option is left, it tries to stay away from being labeled as "religious," hate-mongering Christian Talibans keep on blatantly beating their drums of division and prejudice. If they were born in Afghanistan, they would have been among those who murder from power. I haven't heard them say one word against the fanaticism of the Taliban, because Fundamentalism is the same antihuman monstruosity everywhere. And they are so easy to uncover, follow their trail of words, all they lead to the credo of "I am right, you are wrong. If I can't assimilate you, I must kill you." Or variation like: "If you don't live your life as I tell you to, God will punish you." Shamelessly putting words in the mouth of a God who does not speak.

No. A society to prosper needs freedom. It needs to vent all the problems, not to hide them and repress them. That is the only way solution can be found. Yet, one must not confuse freedom of expression with allowing the enemy of that freedom to infiltrate like viruses in order to destroy their host. Fundamentalists all, including Communist Fundamentalists, are out there trying to cut the throat of the thinking man.

The growth of Fundamentalism is a threat to Humanity and it cannot be allow to expand, because it thrives in ignorance. And, please don't give me political correctness bullshit, masses by behaving like cattle are ignorant, blind fools moved by the worst of leadership, the demagogues.

Right now, Pakistan is a host to masses of blind fanatics with only one idea in their narrow minds, world domination. They help feed this Frankensteinisch monster. What puzzles me is why the USA would even think of helping Pakistan in keeping them away from Afghanstan. Let them go and help the Taliban and by so doing sharing their fate. If allowed to stay in Pakistan they will be a permanent sore, a dangerous one in that country. A source for those Holy Wars that had already caused too many holocausts in human history.


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