Ignorance and the powerful, political might of monotheism — a match made in Heaven that creates Hell on Earth.

By Ralph Rewes

For centuries, the worst enemies of Islam (Submission — not a very commendable attitude) — were their own kind. Since the Crusades they were left alone to kill each other’s and cut their throats and hands, relishing in despicable acts of cruelty so inherit to this region of the world that may be genetically coded by now.

Now, misguided by a man full of hatred with a vision (another one!), groups of ignorant fanatics finally found an enemy outside their own kind. And that was the dangerous premise that lead to the terrorist attacks against our nation. However, we must also realize that hatred was nothing new, but it was a potential force in them for centuries.

What element produces such blind passions in men is not an easy subject to analyze. For starters, we must not forget that these are descendants or related to the same people that in ancient times, castrated their slaves, cut their feet, so that they could not escape, cut tongues and, the educated ones, inheritors in Royal families had no better way to get rid of their own mothers and fathers than soak them in honey and left them to die on top of anthills.

There must be something wrong with the sand polluted air in these deserted lands that affect the brains of their leaders. Some scientific research not widely known points out toward a hallucinatory influence created in the brain by microscopic sand grains, that created prophets and the like, people so arrogant that they believed they held the truth in their hands.

They even say they speak in the name of a God incapacitated to speak by himself to a general audience. Isn’t this the most sacrilegious idea of them all? To use their God as a loudspeaker for their distorted vision of reality?

Whatever it is, these new dark forces are trying to repeat the dark triumph of Christianity, when the ruling avatars exterminated all the priests of the ancient polytheistic religions in the Roman circuses and coliseums, for over 300 years (especially in the Roman Colosseum), thus giving a mortal blow to polytheism.

However, this practice did not sit well with other monotheistic followers, the Crusades to get rid of Muslims and the intent to exterminate Jews failed dramatically, despite the high number of victims.

Now again, a political marriage between extremists and monotheism intents through the Tabilan to convert their tempting taste of power in Afghanistan into another Holy War that is not headed for victory if humanity is to be saved from becoming animals. Fundamentalists lose either way. If they win, they convert their own people into brutes with little humanity. Progress will be set backward. Human beings will be limited to live the life of donkeys with no right to think. They themselves are the most deplorable victims of ignorance and superstition.

What can one expect, what can a non-Taliban Muslim is to expect from people so stupid that they believe birds singing is a sin, as if the birds were not (according to their belief) the creation of God. What can you expect from people who treats women like potential whores — anything they do is deemed immoral or provocative — as if they did not have mothers or sisters?

If they succeed in selling the idea that this war is against Islam (Submission) to other Muslims, they can make their enemies believe such proposition, too, and if they add another attack to a Western milestone, they will succeed in making them furious enough to retaliate by blowing to smithereens Muslim “sacred” places, like Mecca, for instance, thus destroying their spiritual goal on earth.

Western Civilization will not react kindly if it realizes it is really being threatened. It has not done that… yet. The characteristics of ignorance and dark force Islam is being invested with by their own people are becoming a menace to the future of mankind. What once was a religion that welcome wisdom, knowledge and philosophical discussion has become a religion of fanatics that instead of being submissive to their God, they are becoming submissive to political leaders, forgetting that when religion becomes political, it loses its spirituality forever!

What is more puzzling is the marriage between the international Left and these fanatics. Ambition and power hunger moved the Communists, Fascists, Nazi, and the like. They were the ones who injected this perverse monster in the emotions of the Muslim extremists. Yet if one of them wins, the other one will be hanged. But the Left, no matter how brutal and totalitarian it is, advocated the advance of knowledge (knowledge that eventually would change their fanaticism). Fanatic Islam (Submission) advocates the total irrationality of men.

We may be at the brink of another “Holy” War. If that happens, the destiny of intelligence and civilization will be in danger. Specially if intelligence and civilization does not react with the might it needs to stamp out their hypocritical enemies who ban TV but use TV and foreign journalists for their own propaganda purpose; whose hate is more valued than anything else; who enjoy all kinds of mutilations, who are so sadistic that draw pleasure out of torturing people and animals; who believe that the only way to reach their heaven is to turn Earth into hell. Please!

No matter what turn this new war takes, I think Western Countries should start getting ready for another Holy War, one of thousands, yet one much bigger. If that happens, the USA should be aware that every Muslim in our midst may take side against us and themselves, like viruses that kill the host. It must also aware what are the philosophical weakness of this religion, and start by regulating the open recruitment with Saudi money of new potential anti-American Muslims.


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