To allow total freedom to those who advocate ripping off others from the rights to be free is not an acceptable proposition.

To allow Communists and other anti-American elements to fight our basic freedom, using all means in order to establish a regime that destroys all individual freedoms is not an acceptable proposition.

To let totalitarianism apologists weave ropes to hang us all with is not an acceptable proposition.

By Ralph Rewes

After World War II, while the American people basked in their freedom, little red mice were working diligently to erode values and to create the weakness Fidel Castro boasted in his recent visit to Iran. He was a latecomer rat who got the spotlight years later.

The little red mice had one goal: to use the name of freedom and the values of freedom to protect their ominous task from any kind of criticism. Thus, Communist sand especially Cryptocommunists became the untouchable of Western Civilization and if it were not for their proven incompetence in economics, by now Communist would have taken over the world.

They tied the hands of the CIA with pseudomoralistic principles these mice are the first to break.

They used the media to discredit the FBI with jokes and innuendoes casually dropped here and there in popular programs and, sometimes, openly.

Almost from every political and socially critical movie to TV programs was cast with Leftists, from M*A*S*H* to West Wing, one venomous word or phrase dropped in every dialogue would work better than the regular, boring propaganda, Soviet style.

They created a hero out Fidel Castro pushed by the New York Times.

Castro took over the Cuban and American advertising agencies in the island and put them to work for the Communist cause.

In the USA, the rec mice pushed or pushed others to pass laws that will protect dictators (like forbidding the CIA to go after foreign leaders), while allowing the mass killing of soldiers like in Iraq and then blame the US government for that.

They turned immigration laws inoperative. No reform is actually needed, the problem was in the implemantation of those existing laws.

They teases and corraled poorly educated, extremist Christian movements into Fundamentalist groups whose blunders and simple-mindedness work against the reputation all religious groups.

They red mice infiltrated other religious movements and churches, like the hypocritical, double-standard group Pastores por la Paz (Pastors for Peace) that collects food and articles NOT to distribute them to the Cubans, but to give them directly to the Cuban regime. This association was pivotal in influencing the Clinton administration in Elián González case and to discredit the Cuban exiles in Miami. And Watch it! They are now involved in trying to bring to New York a shipment of anti-rat venom based on the salmonella bacteria.

After those things were in place and working. They, the untouchable Left, feeling secure, went on a political rampage.

Some of them went on to “working within the system” and gathered anti-American elements to vote to office people who are also anti-American. But probably you have not seen the results, because the press ignored most of their movements. I would like to ask you, for instance”

How many of you have seen José Serrano presenting Fidel Castro with boxing gloves to hit Uncle Sam? He did. In other times this would have opened a congressional investigation.

How many of you saw Jesse Jackson in celebration the Cuban Communist Revolution anniversary little before he wanted to run for president. He was the “reverend who never mentioned Christ” next to Fidel Castro crying “¡Viva la Revolución!”?

How many of you have read about the declarations of Castro’s VIP in Cuba, Maxime Waters, promising him to fight for his goals, not for the American people’s goals, after his return to the USA?

Unbelievably, most of the US press hides these facts and news, thus allowing them to continue working with impunity against the freedom. Some people and institution may be helping, not realizing what they are doing, others do that on purpose. Still, I fail to see any explanation from some media.

For instance, although the Spanish version El Nuevo Herald, has been publishing the atrocities committed by the Communist Narcoguerrilla patronized by Castro, including sending 13 y. o. kids to fight their dirty world, the English-language Miami Herald has olympically ignored such reports and they are by so doing, consciously or not, keeping the American readers ignorant of a very dangerous situation.

I hope, this horrible tragedy will help the American people wise up about conspirators everywhere, physical and psychological terrorists, especially the enemy within. They all are anti-American. And what does anti-American mean. It means anyone full of hate for all our values, freedom to fully develop as a thinking individual, to project into the future, to fight for progress, to check and balance our steps toward the future. The USA has made a lot of mistakes, especially not clearly defining the enemies, but this country surely deserves to be ahead in a bright future.


© 2001 by Ralph Rewes

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