Not a recent occurrence, but something that has been worked on since the beginning of the anti-American Cuban Revolution

By Ralph Rewes (© 2001)

Fidel Castro has always had and always will until the day he finally dies only one track in his so-called revolutionary mind: the destruction of the American Democracy, fueled by a deep rooted hatred against our country. Everything he says or does is always on that track. If we have to give him credit for something, we should give it to perseverance in that his only goal. He does not care for the welfare of Cubans; he only cares about causing damage to the USA, any way he can.

In this international game against the USA, he is multifaceted. In previous articles, I have called this aging dictator, the biggest instigator of our times. And indeed he is. His demagogic charisma has captivated the hearts of many people and once captives those hearts have been turned sour and hateful against one of the greatest nations of the world.

One of the first task, this Instigator, with capital letters, took upon himself was to make holes in the American immigration system. Good chess player, Castro never overlooked the opportunity to get even at any American action he considered hostile. For that reason, when the US (maybe out of guilt for its political blindness about Castro) welcomed Cuban refugees by the thousands, Castro realized that immigration was indeed a gold mine for his future plans.

The Instigator began his work by cranking up Mexicans and Haitians, instilling envy in their hearts for the favorable migratory conditions Cubans received and were denied to them. Never mind that Cubans were fleeing from a ruthless tyranny, the international Cuban propaganda machine with important "liberal" journalists and writers in the USA repeating it, made it all look like discrimination. Together with the job-seeking boat people from Haiti there were also infiltrated Communists, the same thing with Mexican immigrants.

In California, the amount of Mexican and Central American Communists sneaked in is enormous. One can see them parade in favor of the worst causes, displaying the pretty face of the murderous guerrilla freak Che Guevara and chanting anti-American slogans. Or even becoming American citizens and voting for political questionable figures, like vociferous pro-Castro Maxime Waters. She is black woman is a puzzling figure who in her frequent (why?) visits to Cuba has never seen that in that island with a large black population, out of 500 assembly members only 5 are blacks or mulattos. Being a black woman, if she would have been born in Cuba, her only chance to move up politically would have been zilch, of course beyond being the snitch president of the Comité de Defensa - the Government's informers post in every block. Still, she loves Castro.

Before Castro, the Immigration Service worked just fine. Immigrants were people who liked this country, who wanted to come here to give something for this country, who praised it and want it to progress because they were intelligent enough to realize that if the USA progresses they do, too. No one who professed a passion for any totalitarian political regime - Nazism, Fascism, Communist or any other similar ism - was allowed to become a citizen of the USA. Immigration was organized and discriminating rotten elements out.

Now in the era of the Leftist bullshit called "political correctness" foreign Communists are everywhere spreading their vitriolic anti-American propaganda. In Miami, for instance, Castro has a team of lawyers that defend their people using the same law they want to destroy. Some of those lawyers are American. They were born in this land by sheer coincidence, some of them are naturalized (overpassing the requirement or simply prevaricating, which is also punishable) and immigration does not seem to do anything about this. There is not need for new laws, there is a need for enforcement.

Now while the FBI, the CIA and other intelligence agencies are so concerned about the Arabs being almost the only enemy, we are not being careful about those in the backyard and inside the house and this is dangerous, very dangerous. They are already working on another concentration in New York, adding insult to the victims in that city. But that is not unusual, because Castro's Fundamentalism has a very strong sadistic venue, as shown when amount the infiltrated agents sent to the USA, there is a group who relish tormenting the victims of his ruthless regime. You just have to read the posting from the Castro's agents on the InterNet to realize that.

If there is one area that is being underinvestigated that is the immigration area. There are decent immigrants, but anyone who comes to this country with any kind of anti-American feeling should not be allowed to be here where eventually he will use those feelings either in terrorism or gnaw off values from our society. This is not discrimination, as the cryptocommunists want to make believe. Any decent person, no matter what race or nationality should be welcome, but not anyone whose aims and goals, like viruses, are to destroy the host that welcomes them. Freedom should have a limit, those who wants to destroy freedom by its logic, should not have right to enjoy freedom for that.


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