America, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee. Don't Allow the Fith Columnist in our Nation to Make Us Believe this Aging Dictator is not a Threat Anymore!

By Ralph Rewes

Nikita Khrushschov was the first one to realize how deranged Castro's mind was when he was asked to drop atom bombs on US cities without provocation. Castro's fifth columnists now want you to forget this fact. Following the lead of Cuban spy in the pentagon, they claim that Castro "is not a threat to the USA anymore" they want him out of the terrorists list. They are as cynical, stupid or shrewd as to claim that Castro is taking now an anti-terrorist position.

Castro still represents a danger to our nation, a serious one. As the impoverished Caribbean nation sinks down into an economical pit, and the Communist regime starts to drown they will not be able to maintain their arsenal of regular weapons, their obsolete Soviet airplanes, or even their spies and accomplices in the higher spheres of the USA. Their remaining business is precisely what Castro says he is against: terrorism. He sells a safe haven to them, but for how long? One can say that Castro was not directly behind the crash against the WTC towers, but who is to say that he was using his extraordinary capacity to instigate others into doing things that benefit him one way or another?

It is a strange coincidence that weeks before the terrorist act, he was visiting the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur with a large entourage. Then who is to say that among them there were not terrorists checking out the structure of these towers similar to the WTC ones for structural weaknesses?

Castro is extremely careful in not getting caught because he knows very well that the Spartan philosophy rules the thoughts of this nation rationalized as "you are innocent until proven guilty" which in reality means: "If you are smart enough, you can get away with." His psychopathic hate toward the United States is notorious, although many of his friends in the US media want you to forget. In his early days of revolutionary hero, Castro stated among his friends constantly that his biggest dream was “to see the United States turned into a war zone.”

Reuters, soon after the monstrous attack tot he WTC towers went to see Castro for his opinion (I have no idea why) and came out with something contrasting, because it is well known how kind Reuter’s journalists are with Castro:

“Cuban President Fidel Castro, an opponent of the United States who helped push Washington to the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union 40 years ago, warned of "dangerous days" ahead. He urged U.S. leaders to keep calm.”

The first sentence is alarming. Because Castro may be in possession of one or more of the missing (from the USSR) atom bombs the Intelligence analysts think are in the Muslim world. The same sentences carries a threat. The third sentences is a call to Leftist leaders, no doubt.

Castro may not be the one that send an airplane against a US target, but he is one that would not hesitate to use an atom bomb, as he dreamed during the Khrushschov era, or infect large segment of the population of this country if he thinks he is at the brink of total disaster.

Again, America, do not underestimate the evil mind of the aging dictator!


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