Speculations on the International Conspiracy
How Important is Castro here?

By Ralph Rewes

If the FBI, CIA or Intelligence investigators are adroit in speculation (a minor form of calculus) as I hope they are, they could come to possible scenarios of this international terrorist conspiracy.

Division of duty, delegating responsibilities, assigning jobs and investing resources.

Ben or Bin Laden would be in charge of investing resources and translating radical, Fundamentalistic Communist methods and philosophy into radical, Fundamentalistic Islamic methods and philosophy.

He would, thus, contribute to this murderous cause with: (1) money (2) suicidal nuts (3) training camps with sophisticated weapons, and (4) cult to his personality

Sadam Hussein would be in charge of providing safe haven for fugitive, an international meeting place for the disaffect of democracy, all kinds of anti-American elements, embassies, government-to-government relation, including and especially relations with other totalitarian regimes in the modern world, such as Korea, Cuba, etc. He would provide the vast territory needed to try to develop powerful mass-destruction weapons.

Then, perhaps the most important figure on this scenario: Fidel Castro, a mass manipulator, has been contributing to all the Anti-American causes since he took power in Cuba by means of a continuous reign of terror in the island, by bombing, burning, murdering innocent people (his first "heroic" act was to murder ailing non combatant soldiers recovering in a Santiago de Cuba hospital). His total lack of decent humanity was proved when he requested from the defunct USSR to drop atoms bomb on the cities of the United States.

Castro's 42 years in power is a role model for every potential totalitarian in the world. Castro made it work because of his ruthless, bloody and swift reaction against any opponent, psychological manipulation of family ties, US democratic values ("weaknesses" in his mind). He has spun many copycats in the world, Bin Laden one of them.

Castro's role in this conspiracy is applying his most powerful feature: instigation. From being a revolutionary professional agitator (a Communist practice) he turned into a refined instigator, as when he recently traveled to Iran and instigated violence against the USA by just prophesyng things like:

"Iran and Cuba, in cooperation with each other, can bring America to its knees. The U.S. regime is very weak, and we are witnessing this weakness from close up."

The weakness Castro perceives in the USA is the fact that democratic laws allowed him to easily infiltrate spies in USA territory, even in the Pentagon, and enable him to create cells in almost every important college in the USA to favor his "cause." He also inherited the network of second class agents the USSR was able to feed for decades. Hard dying communist admirers, specially cryptocommunist has crept up to highest spheres in the government and from then are doing a disfavor to their country by constantly displaying a pro-Castro rhetoric.

In this conspiracy, Castro is to promote the above, to start instigating pro-peace movements and marches with speakers that are instructed to switch the blame of the terrorist brutal destruction of the towers from the perpetrators toward the international policies of the USA, thus in reality blaming the USA for the criminal acts against this nation. How deceiving can he get? The speakers in these marches are transparent in their eroding rhetoric.

Castro has been working on biological weapons, not since 1980 as I read from some reporter, but from the early stages of the revolution. I heard it first hand from someone working in one of those labs back in 1965, when he got a rare form of chicken pot. The guy was terrified. I recommend the reading of Ing. Manuel Cereijo's incisive articles in "Guaracabuya." His articles may be a bit difficult to read for some because of the abundance of technical words and the descriptive facts he presents, but it pays the effort.

At the beginning of the Revolution when anti-revolutionary fighters imitated the tactics Castro used to take over and burned sugar plantations, Castro openly spoke about the vulnerability of the USA and how easy it would be to damage the USA just by doing the same thing in American forests. He promised he was going to do that, but later, when everything was forgotten. Lately, and in a strange coincidence with this new conspiracy, acres and acres of land have been destroyed with forest fires, a lot of them caused by unknown arsonists.

Castro has already built a network of cyberagents that are always active in the discussion group distributing propaganda, copying articles from Cuban newspapers, even sending viruses to anti-Castro posters and deeply infiltrated in important servers like AOL. They also delete posting from the Cuban community or anything that may be detrimental to the Cuban Communist Rulers.

They are there, waiting for a signal to get into action, from the aggressive ones like the German Haut to the mild ones like Guzmanalex are there relentlessly attacking the values of the USA. They are the ideological icons that help, like some journalists do, too, create the perfect background of discredit, a great scenario to accept attacks with tied hands.

The FBI, the CIA and the Intelligence community of the USA must go through old files to check the above speculations. They should know better than me, if they don't, God help us!


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