By Ralph Rewes

The Antiwar Movements now may not be the same as in the past, when Soviet Agents dispensed cash left and right, yet their soul and composition is the same: their leaders are the enemy within working to weaken and divide our society and its war machinery to help the world's Anti-American Forces.

No organization is more dangerous to our society that a foreign-controlled (or international) antiwar or so-called "peace" movement. I was just watching on C-Span the Washington demonstration gathering a group of hypocritical, double-standards twerps, serving the interests of the non-Arab terrorists. They are the remains of the Soviet structure, now controlled by the Cuban agents, the inheritors of the Communist Fundamentalism - no wonder they get along so well with the Islamic Fundamentalists.

What is their purpose? What are they trying to do? Stopping the war? Then why don't they go to Afghanistan and set up a protest in Kabul, where war has been going on for decades? Where were these creeps when the USSR invaded Afghanistan? All they want is to create internal division to protect their friends - not yet uncovered. The sole fact that there was no flag or emblem from extremist organizations, no pictures of Che or Castro, shows that they are the ones. Because they receive instructions from professional instigators. Some are young people who don't know where their asses are, but many are professionally trained political cadres from the new Left.

The whole world terrorist structure is like a tree with different colors branches, yet the trunk of the whole unified conspiracy is being anti-American, a sentiment created by errors carried out by previous administration, no. Anti-American feelings are rooted in envy, plain and clear envy. That is why people flock to the USA by the thousand, because it is much easier to reap the benefits of those who worked hard here to build and acceptable society, than build one in their countries themselves.

Peace movements are not to be underestimated. They did a lot of damage to our society during the Vietnam war, they are the seeds of rancor, of hate, and, most of all, of envy. Many young men suffered psychological traumas because their actions. What did an American pilot feel when he saw an "American" celebrity posing as if shoothing at him?

You only have to listen to their criticism to capitalism, to rich people, to "exploiters" to realizethat they may be rich, but do not give their moneys to the poor, and the poor hoi poloi of the masses what they really feel is envy and all they really want to do is loot from those who produce. Then, if they win, they will live on the loot for a time, and when this is consumed, since they cannot produce, their economy, like Russia's or Cuba's goes down the drain.

Please open your eyes. Peace movements promote war against us. They justify the enemy. They pity the enemy. They root for the enemy and they try to do their best to stain the image of our symbols, values and principle. Peace movements are monster in our midsts ready to cut our throats if we give them a chance.



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