Is the US Intelligence Community shooting at the wrong target?

Special for Guaracabuya, by Ralph Rewes

After September 11 tragic events, one can see how over focused on the Arabs the eyes of the intelligence community are. Specialization, an autistic child of our modern sciences, is causing the spread of the proverbial "unable to see the forest" axiom.

Thanks to the teaching of the International Left, when one say "terrorist" one sees Arabs and only Arabs. One has been taught to forget that, for all practical purposes, the inventors of terrorism in modern society and its most skillful users have been and still are the Communists. In fact, they trained the Arabs, hoping to convert them into Communists.

The International Left has also been busy disseminating subtle teachings, so that as an end result, a policeman hit a "revolutionary" on the head, newspapers all over the Western World publish the police brutality picture. However, Communists force children into guerrilla training, kidnap, murder, steal, rob, bomb public buildings and even churches and what do you read in the papers? Please, just figure it out.

When considering the horrendous terrorist act against the US in the symbols of the twin towers, many pieces of the puzzles are left upturned. It is close to the edge of lunacy, not to realize what is going on. It is almost a global conspiracy composed by every jealous creep, mental case, and megalomaniac you can put together. And who personalize this philosophical stone?

Every Cuban knows. Ah, but if every Cuban says it, he is frown upon or mocked because that is what the International Left has careful instilled in their minds through careful semantics.

No wonder they cannot read between lines in cryptic message like this published by Reuters, which lately have become a resounding box for every dumb declaration the Cuban ruler has to make. This my friend is a subtle threat with lose elements:

Reuters reports:

Cuban President Fidel Castro, an opponent of the United States who helped push Washington to the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union 40 years ago, warned of "dangerous days" ahead. He urged U.S. leaders to keep calm.

Notice that he said "leaders" and he was not referring to the president by to potential leaders who may back him.

A brief skimming of the peripatetic Dictator's recent travels can tell a lot. In his new totalitarian buddy, Chávez, he has seen an opportunity to combine a lot of elements against the USE. This is pure speculation, but what if Castro thought this:

"What if I went to the Arab countries, meet the extremists, instigate them to realize terrorist attacks against the USA, words are not provable involvement; what if I insinuate a good target, like the Word Trade Center, a symbol my followers have been using against a new order in the world, what if I can even supply them with the weak points of the structures, and even take them to where a similar structure exists for them to study, like the Petronas (the Kuala Lumpur Twin towers, taller than the one demolished)?

Then what? Well, the USA will probably retaliate creating havoc in the oil producing nations and causing a bouncing havoc the US economy and with the help of my Venezuelan buddy we can squeeze the nuts on the USA? With the help of my other followers and friends I have already caused havoc elsewhere, I love the word havoc, in the immigration structure, I might have set one forest fire here and there, in revenge of the sugar cane fires I blamed the US for at the beginning of the revolution. I once said that I was going to get even, not right away not to be blamed but years later, because I am indeed rancorous.

And since no one can blame me, I will for certainly get away with murder, a lot of them, in this as I have in other cases. No one will pay any serious attention to any accusation against me, an aging dictator with lots of economic problems, but still capable of causing havoc anywhere I go.

If these speculations prove right, let us get ready for oil problems next, atomic bomb threats, racial unrest, more immigration problems, and other similar weapons favorite of the so called Cuban leader, Commander in Chief, Lion King, King of the Hyenas.


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