Scandal in Spain got US South Paws worried

Delfín Fernández, aka as agent Otto was in charge of video taping every important political personality or celebrity that visited Cuba, especially Castro's "friends" most in compromising and intimate scenes, something that was a common practice with diplomatic personal.

Although on his list, Delfín only mentioned a couple of celebrities (Jack Nicholson, Leonardo di Caprio), he stated that particularly ALL AMERICAN political personalities and celebrities have been videotaped. Before being stored for future use, tapes were a source of amusement for the Communist hierarchy, including pornography lover Osmani Cienfuegos, former Tourism Minister.

Consequently those frequent flyers to Cuba must be really concerned. Among the most known Castro's guests we can find notorious political figures like

Congressman José E. Serrano
Congressman Charles B. Rangel
Jesse Jackson
Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Congresswoman Maxime Waters

This last one in particular is a vociferous defender of the Cuban Dictator as we can read from a news published in the pro-Castro page

Translation follows

3. La entrevista sostenida por el Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro con la delegación de congresistas afronorteamericanos fue calificada por Maxime Waters, líder del grupo CAUCUS NEGRO, de extraordinaria y positiva. En extensas sesiones se conversó sobre el tema del bloqueo, la política norteamericana hacia Cuba, la economía de la isla y la salud. Waters expresó que se proponen un plan para iniciar una lucha dentro y fuera del Congreso de EU en contra del bloqueo comercial, económico y financiero contra la isla.


The Interview between THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF FIDEL CASTRO and the delegation of African American congresspersons was qualified by Maxime Waters, leader (don't they love that world) of the black Caucus, as extraordinary and positive. In lengthy sessions they talked about the blockade (as Communists tend to call the embargo for propaganda purposes), the American policy toward Cuba, the island economy and health (she may be referring to the health of the Nomenklatura, not that of the poor black population oppressed by an almost all-white regime and Party, out 589 deputies, two are blacks, five are mulattoes, the rest is white, are these people color-blind or what?). Waters expressed they up to propose a plan to initiate a fight in the US Congress and out of it against the commercial, economic and financial (redundant ain't she) against the island.

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