Party Card Communists

by Ralph Rewes

When Arturo Sandoval Was Denied American Citizenship Because He Held a Cuban Communist Party Carnet

This is a good example of how the law structure in our country has yet to come to terms with our times. Back in the times of legends, there was a Christ who asked the people an honest question: "Let he who has not sin, cast the first stone." And the people, honest then, moved away tacitly recognizing the fact that all of them were sinners (as per their religious standards they followed).

Same situation in today's real life and you can bet hard money, that among the crowd, more than a couple would not only throw stones, some Tele-Evangelists and religious hate mongers included, but would even shoot or bomb the victim because lie reigns. To be a member of the Communist Party under certain circumstances is not a crime. Especially in the case when there is no other choice. Some of them, Boris Yeltsin is a good example, can become freedom fighters.

In fact, they are better, much better human beings, than those who are not members of the Communist Party and this thoughts are several times more Communist than card-holding Communists. If we deny the right to become an American citizen to an outstanding musician like Arturo Sandoval because of a technicality, we are out of whack from reality.

Reality is that people in our times lie, like rugs, constantly, for many reasons. In his case, to survive a totalitarian regime, and that is justifiable.

What is really unjustifiable is that the law in our country is made in such a manner that liars can get away with murder!

Decades ago, perjury was a serious crime, and people abhor to commit. today perjury is nowadays an everyday occurrence, from Monica down.

If not, how do explain the abundance of totalitarian instigators who are not registered Nazis or registered members of the US Communist Party?

We have them everywhere, in the media, in educational institutions, in fund raising groups, in colleges and universities. They don't call themselves Communists, they call themselves "Liberals" (nothing farthest from Communists). Communist are trained to lie, to deceive, to commit perjury. None of them are card-holders, but they feel and think like the worst of Communists.

They hide everywhere, they commit perjury by lying about their actual ideology and hiding in the guise of a Democrat and even a Republican. It is a shame to see in our Congress, House of Representatives and other government, people who systematically work to favor the last remaining Totalitarian regime in our Hemisphere. We see them visiting Castro and sharing more than luscious dinners with a murderous dictator, but also his ideas.

Sometimes open, by voting against everything that would help our country, our defense and by spending tax payers' money and their time trying to work out anything that would benefit Castro.

Underestimating the enemy

The worst part of this attitude is that by believing the liars, our Intelligence bodies ignore and underestimate their constant Anti-American instigation. Then we get shocked by bombings of our embassies. "They are harmless fanatics, they will change, they can be controlled!" These are dangerous comments.

These Anti-American elements are so pervasive and have crawled into every nook of our society that I would not be at all surprised that the explosion , August 12, 1998, explosition of the shuttle was a sabotage. Left and Muslim factions have been sharing the bed for quite a long time (politics makes strange bedfellows) and they are everywhere.

The same way American youths went in flocks to the USSR Embassy to offer themselves to spy for the Soviet Communists in a dangerous romantic drive for a better world, the same way these losers gain the mind of philosophically derranged people for their obscure purpose. Every Communist movement or drive toward power is paved with blood of innocent people or those who want to flee from it may lie dead in the bottom of the ocean, like in the case of Cuba.


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