By: Ralph Rewes

During the four decades Castro has been the ruthless Dictator of Cuba, he has been outsmarting American media in a fashion unbelievable to the viewers and demeaning for those media.

In the latest propaganda show of the Communist regime on Elián González, the boy whose mother died trying to rescue him from a dreary life under Communism, Castro has spent millions in propaganda. And International Agencies like Reuters (lately their everyday bombardment has cooled down) have played along in the hands of his efficient and powerful Propaganda Apparatus.

The latest show was an interview of the father in Cuba, where the TV Network involved graciously showed Elián's room and school.

At the beginning of this conflict, nobody was allowed to film either. Why? Because both places were a real mess. Reports of a stinking school, with deplorable sanitary conditions reached other countries through the true reporters, those courageous independent reporters, than instead of sipping rhum at La Bodeguita del Media or other hangout places, as foreign reporters do, risk their lives to let the truth be know abroad.

Immediately, Castro's propaganda apparatus prepared for that event. Elián's home and school were transformed. And anybody who is not an idiot could see on the TV propaganda piece how new everything were. The school was spotless and his room was filled with toys. Btw, those promoters of collecting toys to distribute among poor kids in Cuba have been arrested by the Repressive Police of the Regime.

One cannot but question the ethics or the professionalism or both of those American reporters who just went to Cuba to make a controlled interview of Elián's father and so willingly cooperated with the authorities to show the spotless school and the beautiful toy-filled room. What gives?


February 2000

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