McCarthy, Joseph Raymond. 1908-1957 1. American politician. A U.S. senator from Wisconsin (1947-1957), he presided over the permanent subcommittee on investigations and held public hearings in which he accused army officials, members of the media, and public figures of being Communists. His charges were never proved, and he was censured by the Senate in 1954.

Although from the very beginning, Communist Parties created underground cells to help the out in the open instigators and promoters of this ideology, and this method of infiltration was encouraged during the forties, it was not until Fidel Castro's struggle --by terrorist and violent tactics-- to gain power, that Cryptocommunists began to show an impact in our society.

In a free society, a communist may express his ideas, he may belong to the Communist Party and nothing happens. However, after Stalin's massacres, when every ideological Communist in the world suddenly realized that his hands were stained with blood of millions of victims, they went into hiding (especially in the USA, since we all know that political massacres in Europe made European blasé ).

By trying to uncover the Cryptos, McCarthy banged against a wall. The legal acceptance of oath in the USA. In other words: A communist who under oath denied his ideological affiliation, was not a communist. To be called "a communist" he needed a Party membership card. Otherwise, charges were dismissed. And we all know how easily Communist lie. Knowing this fact, courts should have acted accordingly.

The "most communist of all leaders" according to his own words, Fidel Castro, the biggest Cryptocommunist of them all, adamantly denied being a Communist until they shot or exiled all opponents and grabbed the power and kept it with the efficient help of state terrorism.

October, 1998, Communists staged the most scandalous propaganda farce ever against General Pinochet with the help of every Crypto hidden behind the scene. USA media are overflowing with cryptos, communists without Party membership cards. New York Time, Washington Post, Miami Herald, etc. They like in CNN, give hours of free propaganda time to Castro, including phony interview where no upsetting question are made, some of them a tirade of propaganda with no opposing views, free advertising for Castro's musical groups, one-sided reporting, etc.

CNN alone has been projecting one-sided images from the former Soviet Union, where everything now seems worse than in the past. Transmitting images of Communist demonstrations (unbelievable groups with huge pictures of Stalin) where the photography angle projected the false idea of a huge demonstration, while in truth it was not. Other networks follow the standard.

The media goes to Chile and whom do they interview? The Secretary of the Communist Party! A fanatic woman, ideologically responsible for the terrorism that created the repression in the government forces. They omit showing the pro-Pinochet demonstration or cut them really short on purpose to create an international atmosphere, favoring a situation that is damaging Chile.

And then the cover every step that Cuba's dictator does when received with open arms by presidents and kings with no scruples to kiss up to a tyrant who has a country under a totalitarian regime for over 40 years. And the meetings between businessmen and people like the Tourism official who murdered by asphyxia political prisoners in a rig --this one could certainly be accused of genocide.

You are a Communist, fine and dandy. You have the right to your ideas. You are a Communist and say you are not, and take the guise of a black reverend, a religious leader, a pastor, a liberal democrat, etc. Then you are nothing but a hypocrite, a liar, a person who commits perjury before his party and even in congress.

They only way to know who is and who is not is exposing his actions. Remember kisses and hugs and visits to Castro and partying with him, gobbling up lobsters, and filets mignon Cubans cannot afford in the island.

For that of "by its fruit you will know."

Wake up, America! They are crawling everywhere. Communism might have fallen in Europe, but the whole net of Cryptocommunists is still alive and kicking. So alive, that the have prevented with the help of the media, to publish the KGB lists of paid servants in the USA, its media, and politicians. To hide Castro's crimes, to keep a deaf ear to every victim of Communist guerrilla in the Americas, etc. etc. etc.


Ralph Rewes

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