Although there are highly educated people among the Cubans living in exile, who reason and try to come with a cool analysis of the situation, they face tough enemies: The Castroites, the crypto-Communists infiltrated in every Media, educational and artistic center and even in Congress, and the archaic behavior in a group of silly traditionalists in the exile.

The Castroites, a formidable opponent. The members of the Cuban ruling class have many things to its advantage. They are unified by one philosophy with no deviation from its main guidelines. They have no scruples whatsoever. They are ready to shoot out of existence anyone who may show in his behavior to be of the slightest danger to their system. They put in jail anyone who shows any but the ideological savvy of the ruling class. They blackmail religious leaders into submission. They blackmail foreign “dignitaries” into loudspeakers for the regime.

They use their enemies’ laws and compassion for their benefits. They have created a monstrous propaganda structure connected with every crypto-Communist in the world and particularly in the USA, they — nobody knows how — have arrange to receive free dozens of hours, prime time, in American networks, especially CNN. They spend millions in sending political scholars to American universities to propagate false statistics.

The crypto-Communists. A bundle of intellectual hot-air people, political demagogues, pseudo-Liberals, and instigators of all kind who do not sleep, making up anything, from cliché phrases to long articles in “prestigious” newspapers (because some tend to value the intellectual prowess of their writers by the number of copies in the paper circulation, something like the number = quality of thought, previously mentioned). And even those who in Congress vote on everything that is damaging to our country, systematically, as if they were being appointed by Castro and their salary paid by the Cuban government.

An infantile exile mentality. In a world where information is vital and should be everybody’s number one concern (Communists know that), and aging exile puts a wedge between their generation and younger people. Mariel exodus brought in Miami over 170 thousand exiles; the drafters came to a number higher than 35 thousand. Yet, a recent march only gathered according to the most optimistic calculation only 70,000! Something is definitely wrong here! Ungratefulness? Apathy? Total disillusion? A bit of everything.

Exile march organizers are more concerned about speeches, salted and peppered with the babbling of José Martí verses and similar religious invocations, girls with Frigian caps, and flag waving than getting together to create a counter-propaganda organization, to fight back the eroding labor of the enemies not only of Cuba, but of Humanity. There are means of eliminating the dictatorship, but those are not reciting prayers or Martí’s thoughts out of context in public. There is technology. Yet no one seems to see how fast this could be used to really rid the island of its suffocating rulers. And give meat to the sheep to see if they change their behavior.

It is time for those Cubans everywhere who can apply their intelligence to do so. Now. Marches won’t do it. Bizantine discussions help the enemy. Loose Martian thoughts, won’t either. Religious fanaticism does not work. Papal quixotism brings opposite reactions. His hermeneutic curses are mocked by Castro (read his last comment on them on his way to Portugal: We came fast because the winds were on our favor).

If Cubans want to have a democratic country, they must stop being so naïve, just leave aside infantile behavior and go for the throat!


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