By Ricardo Nuñez-Portuondo


When you see the extraordinary success of our exile community were that many have obtained very important positions in this great nation, it is not the result of luck or casualness, is the result of an intensive and dedicated work to advance economically and politically in our democracy without betraying the noble principles that took us to this land of liberty.

It is explained a thousand times better, in the own words of Jose Marti in his letter to the editor of the newspaper New York Evening Post, on March 25 1889 and that has been provided to us by the highly respected historian Ing.Jose Adan, this letter is also published in the magazine Guama.

It would have been more than enough the painful contribution that we made with the blood of our martyrs of Bay of Pigs, and also with the generous blood given by our Cuban youth.

We have participated very actively in every war that begun by the communists in their desire of controlling the world. But at the same time we were able to develop ourselves with this program initiated by President Ike Eisenhower The Cuban Refugee Program.

CRP, also known as El Refugio was the Federal Program that among others, of utmost importance did finance the well known "Peter Pan" and also "Que Pasa USA" (TV program)

Later on we will show with a very important economical study, how the Cuban exiles had paid with their taxes all the federal help that this great and generous Nation gave us until 1976. This shows the human quality and the moral of our people.

And being this program the most successful in the United States already had set the basis for the future Cuban power, President Jimmy Carter closed it in 1977. Today we know why.

We take this opportunity of the introduction to the Cuban Refugee Program and to me it is an honor to point out in this extraordinary pages of the magazine Guaracabuya, that my friend companion-at-arms, and my brother Miguel Uria, and also my good friend Elias Seife and the historian from the magazine Guama, with documents of the history of Cuba where they begin to show with great sensitivity the important events of our Cuba in the United States.


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