By Ricardo Nuñez Portuondo

On May the 6th, 1994 Ricardo Nunez-Portuondo denounces the presence of Castro agents in the United States in an article published in Diario Las Americas that had been corroborated by more than ten spies capture in the city of Miami by the FBI.

Also in this article about Cuban spies, we pointed out that our very important and reliable sources stated, that the motive for the celebration of la Conferencia de la Nacion y la Emigracion en la Habana, had tie main objective of changing their agents and formulate new strategy specifically, we explain, that the way to do it was creating corporations with names related to Cuba and that the companies created in the years l993 and l994, would be closely associated to the espionage apparatus of Fidel Castro.

We like to point out that the organization America-Cuba Inc. was created in 1993 and one of its organizers was Mariano Fajet, the immigration official actually in jail for spying for the Castro. Government In this corporation also residing in the United States, were Pedro Font, Jose Goyanes, Nicolas Villalba y Peter Font. The other organizer, Oscar Font, was residing in Lima, Peru.

Now the article.

The Motive Behind the Conference

In 1983 Aldrich Ames recruited his wife Maria del Rosario Casas being already recruited when he was working with the American Embassy in the City of Mexico. In 1985, they got married and the following year he begins his work in favor of the Soviet Union. Now we are proceeding to give some information so the people can understand what just happened in Cuba and its relation with this case of espionage.

Mrs. Casas is a very well trained agent; she shows in court with a rosary and a cross around her neck to try to influence in his favor the tribunal. Maybe she had forgotten that the government had taped the conversation when she screamed at her husband calling him imbecile and gave him orders in a very rude manner as to how to handle the money and the jewelry.

She expresses in court the love for her son, but the truth is being him very young she was already in the espionage business, and keeping the boy all day in a park with a maid raining and snowing, and the boy had to stay outside of the house with that kind of weather, and all of us know how terrible can be the weather in the City of Washington.

When they went out they return home completely drunk and he would lie down in the sofa in the living room and she will start beating the son and yelling at and the maid. This is same son that Mrs. Casas Ames says that she loves so much.

But in this equation, there is another person that is more dangerous than Rosario. We are referring to her mother, Cecilia Dupuy that in our opinion she was totally responsible for recruiting the couple. This lady had absolute power over her daughter and her son in law that as we had seen is a person of a very weak character. Mrs. Dupuy was a constant visitor to Cuba and in an opportunity in 1993 she stayed three months in the island. Mrs. Dupuig was collecting funds in Colombia to help the communist revolution in Cuba and at that time she met personally with Fidel Castro.

The change of Presidents in the United States and the winning of Bill Clinton, show Castro that his force is incapable of the lifting the embargo; in spite of a democrat president and that our government has already discovered Aldrich Ames.

These events forces Castro to modify the spying ring and this is the reason why they bring into play the Conference La Nacion y la Emigracion taking place in La Habana, that results in everything but a conference, but has as the main objective the substitution of the spying network.

Under the cover of this event some of his agents visit Cuba to meet with Castro personally and this is why the tyrant did not appear until the 24 of April, date in which he made his personal appearance with the only purpose of burning many of his agents and to protect his new organization. In the previous days, when he was in accounted for, he was recruiting new agents and in secret conversations with his older spies. The good news is that he burned a part of his spying network. The bad news is that he has substitute but no all, a great part of his spying ring.

We should study carefully who went to Cuba in 1978 and did not go to this last meeting and they remain defending the tyrant. This would be very strange, also it will be very convenient to analyze which companies are related with the name Cuba and that had been created recently. Lets say 1993 or 1994.

Knowing what everybody knows that Castro is a tyrant that do not hesitate in ordering a killing if I were an agent of the people burned by him I would approach rapidly the American authorities to try to obtain the protection that give generously our great democracy. Your life is in danger.

I hope that this explanation based in very important and serious reports that I had from Cuba is of use to our exile community and to the press in general as to what took place in Habana. It was simply an operation of intelligence failed for coming to our knowledge and for this denunciation.

End of article.

In another matter, very recently Ana Belen Montes was captured by the FBI as a spy of Fidel Castro in the United Estates. This Colonel was in a position of great importance and did damage enormously our fight for the cause of freedom. We believe that this traitor was giving false information to many agencies that affected the policies of our State Department that made many erroneous decisions in relation to the Cuban-Americans in our country.

All the leftist and the people that are repugnant to the exile community, were being promoted, allowed to travel to Cuba in detriment of the honest Cubans that would like to keep Miami as a nice City and not as the Center of a policy that has benefited Castro for a long time. Every person that comes out of the Island becomes a leader with the support of the State Department.

If the presence of Fidel Castro in Cuba has benefited economically our Nation, I am sure that the horror of the Twin Towers offset this indecent situation. I hope the State Department change rapidly its policy.


Ricardo Nuñez Portuondo

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