By Ricardo Nuñez-Portuondo
Translation by Jorge Maspons

The passing of time is allowing us to know with greater distinctness the plain truth of Fidel Castro's direct participation in the attempt upon the life of President John F. Kennedy in which the President would loose his life. The famous filmmaker Oliver Stone, a big sympathizer of the tyrant and enemy of the Cuban exile, in his movie JFK, pretends to make us believe that Castro did not intervene in his assassination.

In Cuba, at the same time, they filmed a documentary where they let the imagination run wild accusing three members of the Italian Mafia of Chicago and two Cuban exiles now deceased of the attempt. This is no coincidence.

I do not believe there are nay doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist fanatic. His life shows unquestionable this affirmation. As a youth he was recruited by Soviet Intelligence services and since that moment he betrays the United States Armed Forces, becoming a spy for the Russians.

When he enters the Soviet Union he falls in love with Communism and its system, so much so that as a good psychopath he tries to commit suicide when he thinks he is being rejected. Due to his great value and importance, Russian intelligence decides to marry him to Marina Oswald who is at the same time a super agent. Later, upon his return to the United States, Oswald again established contact with agents from Cuban intelligence and since that moment begins to actively work with Fidel Castro's intelligence machinery.

Among his new functions he is to promote the Communist cause in Cuba. In New Orleans he tries to infiltrate some anti-Castro organizations.

On April 10, 1963, with his famous rifle and just to practice, he makes an attempt upon the life of General Edwin Walker, a well-known conservative leader. Although he was well skilled, the attempt failed. It failed because while General Walker was in his office at the time, the glass in the window altered the bullet's path. This, however, allows Oswald to determine the angle of his future attempt with fine precision. By using a convertible in the Presidential motorcade, the final destiny of President Kennedy is sealed.

In the month of September Oswald visited the Embassy of Cuba in Mexico seeking the final authorization. In the month of October he visited the Russian Embassy to reconfirm such an important order. On November 22 he murders the President.

What is it that makes Fidel Castro to have authorized such attempt? The explanation is simple. After President Kennedy betrays the Bay of Pigs Invasion (17 April, 1961) blocking the Cuban air attack, vital for this operation, he is convinced that he must save his own wounded prestige. He then has the idea to physically eliminate Castro and enters into unknown and very dangerous land.

The famous "Operation Mongoose" comes into being. The participants are the most qualified people in the art of assassinations: The Mafia. The names of Rosselli, Giancana, and Trafficante are the most prominent. Inexplicably, these crime professionals begin to fail, in an obvious way, their supposed attempts against the life of the Cuban tyrant. It is not logical. But the illogical in that underworld is reality. The executioners, knowing the character and modus operandi of Castro, simply turned these attempts into provocation. And there lies the brilliance and success of the Mafia's plan. With centuries of experience in the business of crime they turned Castro into its agent. This last one swallows the hook and orders the killing of President Kennedy whose death at this particular moment benefited precisely them the most. It was the very same Mafia which believes to be betrayed and persecuted by a family that owed them a lot.

To this scenario we have to add his great humiliation during the Missile Crisis in the month of October, 1962 in which the Superpowers treated him just as he was: A man who did not count, a nobody. And this, in addition to the provocations previously mentioned allow us to know, without any doubts, that Fidel Castro ordered his agent Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate President Kennedy.

In confirmation to the previously declared and exposed we wish to add the following: My father, Emilio Nuñez-Portuondo, who was the Cuban Ambassador to the United Nations, was the great anti-Communist figure of Latin America and who acquired a well known name in the world when the Russians invaded Hungary in 1956, communicated to me in 1963 that Fidel Castro had given the order to Oswald for him to kill Kennedy.

I remember that the FBI came to visit him at that opportunity and my father gave them the same information. They wanted to know the source of it and my father refused to disclose it since the degree of Communist infiltration was fairly high during that time.

My father told me that his informant was a person who worked at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico. He never told me weather it was a man or a woman; a public official or high or low rank; neither the wife or husband of some Embassy employee.

He reiterated to me that Oswald reconfirmed this order. Still not satisfied with the Cuban confirmation, due to the importance of the mission, he visited the Soviet Embassy in Mexico in the month of October and as we all know he assassinated President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, executing the orders of Fidel Castro.


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