Por Rogelio Madrazo Serra

Life is full of mountains that are difficult to climb, oceans almost impossible to swim, crevices too deep to fiord, but none of these obstacles compares with the awesome power of meeting a superior human person. This weekend I had the rare fortune of meeting more than one. I say this with the full knowledge of its implications. The Lord has been very good to me, and I am always in awe as of why he has chosen me to be exposed to such a galaxy of stars.

My immediate family the one I had nothing to do about, is made of superior beings, suns that eclipse the brightest stars in the firmament. The family I created with an exceptional woman has so many stars! from my youngest to my oldest that blind me with their light as perceived by the splendor that emanates from their children, their spouses and their extended families, if I had an eternity to be thankful, it would not be enough. Some times it frightens me, how someone so undeserving can be so blessed!

To add to the wonder my life is, in all aspects but the fate my country and my fellow Cubans endure, this weekend Aurora and I had the privilege of participating in a celebration of life conducted by a cousin, and his family which I love, but do not know, as they bit farewell to a son, Gustavo, which departed this world prematurely at the age of 43. I did not know him either.

His brothers named Oscar and Andres, I would be proud to call my sons, his wife Aida, it happens to be my mother's name, she seems to be made of the same quality fiber as my wife Aurora, these are people that Cuba bestowed on this country as a gift from our Lady of Charity to the Virgin of Guadalupe to make the world better, as they are free to worship their God and speak their minds without fear, and make the world we live in better. What quality have Gustavo and Aida created! How proud I am that they share some of my genes! The encounter was brief but its effects I will forever cherish.

We visited the Church (Hermita) consecrated to our Lady of Charity, the Patron Saint of Cuba, we gave thanks, we met a Seminarian named Patrick, from Haiti, that is a friend of a Priest named Billy, which is half Cuban, and someone destined to make an impact in the world. My friend Carlos had to be admitted to the Hospital and we visited him twice, he is not better yet, my classmate Carlos turned 69 and we celebrated with his family, another group that does Cuba proud. Called our friend Miguel but could not find him. Dined with my nephews, Ignacio and Madeline, slept at my sister. All the while we kept tab on our friend Matilde, who is in a hospital in Jacksonville, our son Jorge started a new assignment today.

Our son Alex arrived in Houston with his wife Janet, to undergo a series of tests Monday very important to his quality of life, he has been the center of our prayers for the last month. In Houston, my daughters Marlene and Maria and their families welcomed him.

We are back at our home in Saint Petersburg, a bit tired but full of the memories and emotions we managed to compress in a short 96 hours in a town that is forever tied to our lives as we do not feel the Cuban in us as strong as we do there in any place else in this world, besides my mother, father and grandmother are buried there. We are fortunate people, if only Cuba could be free.


January 2004

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