Por Rogelio Madrazo Serra

We the Americans of Cuban origin found out many years ago that we could not fly with two wings, the left wing had been taken hostage by the Socialist and Communist extremists, enemies of this country that were also friends with the Tyrant Castro, the reason for our need to fly around the world, seeking refuge from the cataclysm that was taking place in Cuba, while trying to liberate her from what has turned out to be longest lasting dictatorship in the history of the Americas.

As anybody knows it is very difficult to fly with one wing, so we had to work very hard to learn to do it and even harder to be able to soar with the eagles, but we did it. This success alienated us from those in this country that seek to justify the failure of their constituency on the evils of the conservative capitalistic system, taking with them any possibility of us growing a new wing, the false leaders also found out that in Castro they had a friend.

A peculiarity of these rare, one right wing bird, is that their plumage changed colors, from a democratic party hue to a republican color, not because the republican administrations did more or less to help restore freedom to the mother land, but because as the saying goes "birds of a feather stick together". When we look at the color of the feathers in the political arena we see birds that are repugnant to our definition of decency, we see the Kennedys, McGovern, Rangel, Serrano, Carter, Jackson, Smith, Reno, the Clintons, Dashell, the Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives in Washington, and so many others, that definitely do not want us in their nest nor do we want to share ours with them.

One curious thing has happened, observing these birds of a different color, I have noticed that their right wings are atrophied and because they do not work very hard, they have grown used to have the government solve their problems, they are not flying as high as before. We have witnessed the end of the Evil Empire, and the socialist-communist movements all over the world are in retreat, at the Central Park in Santiago Chile, we saw a meeting of the communist party with the hammer and the sickle flying high and perhaps two hundred people in attendance, we see the countries in Latin America voting to sanction Cuba for abuses in Human Rights.

As long as these rare birds claim possession of the left, we want with pride define ourselves as belonging to the right!. But this is strange because in Cuba we were straight birds, with perhaps a better left than right wing; after all we were fresh from overthrowing a right wing dictator.


Rogelio Madrazo Serra
May, 2002

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