Por Rogelio Madrazo Serra

We free Cubans-in what ever country we call now home-- have had many days that will live in infamy, many of our own doing, many through the acts of our allies. The most recent addition is the day that the repressive forces of the Tyrant were invited into the Mexican Embassy in Habana to incarcerate 21 young men who had commandeered a Mercedes bus (what embargo?) the evening before and rammed it into the gates of the embassy.

The Mexicans in power explained their betrayal of the well-recognized right to asylum among American nations by saying that none of the 21 gatecrashers had asked for safe haven. If they did not perform this desperate act to place themselves under the protection of the great Mexican Nation, then we must believe that they were just hungry for tacos and decided to help themselves from the embassy's well-stocked pantry.

Mexico has proclaimed for years that, "Respect for the rights of others is peace." Poor Benito Juarez…the ruling white oligarchy continues to usurp the rights of the people, courting and kneeling before the Cuban Tyrant, to present to the populace a semblance of independence from the neighbor to the north.

To think that for a fleeting moment I had rejoiced when Mr. Fox won the elections from the PRI. In my Pan American mind, I thought that the Mexican people had gained independence through the power of the ballot, even if I had lost a bet made many years before with a Mexican-American friend in Los Angeles. I had bet this friend that Cuba would be free of Castro before Mexico would be free from the PRI. My reasoning was that as Castro killed and the PRI bought, the blood of the martyrs would suffocate the Tyrant before the Mexican people awoke from the corruption of a party dictatorship. But the oligarchy persists under different names. It is like the forces of evil, a Hydra with many heads that survives no matter how hard you try to eradicate it.

But enough of this latest day that will live in infamy in the annals of the Mexican Republic and in our own because there were Cuban bones and flesh that suffered.

Let's talk about the problem of the Cuban people that leads the youth of the country to risk crashing embassy gates and braving the waters of the Atlantic. Let's talk about how to help promote a solution. Let's make this one of the last few affronts inflicted on a slave nation.

Lets find a Cuban solution to a Cuban problem.

Cuba deserves to be FREE


Rogelio Madrazo Serra
March 2002

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