By Rogelio Madrazo Serra

September 2001

There is a sentiment amongst the privileged of this world, that makes them feel guilty of who they are and where they come from, with the result that they have developed in their mind a cynicism, that keeps them from accepting that anything their society does can be inheritably good. And in their thought process there is pessimistic out look about the future of mankind.

This state of affairs has been nurtured by decades of immoral political leaders and apostates in academia that rejoice in their predictions of doom brought about by what is called the mismanagement of the world as it was entrusted for us.

Because we eat we consume because we consume we abuse is part of a litany designed to promote a world of equals in which we all suffer evenly as it was not amply demonstrated the world of equals designed by men is just an equalizer of miseries and not an instrument of happiness.

This class of privileged which resides mostly in the US and in the so called Western Democracies but that is also found in the ruling elites of third world nations, objects to having a McDonald in South East Asia, irradiated food, genetically engineered crops, the responsible use of insecticides and pesticides, nuclear energy for electricity generation, and then with watery eyes talk about the famines in Africa, making us feel as we are responsible, but not offering any solutions.

They rejoice and support the anarchy every World Trade Organization meeting brings about, and then decries the lawlessness of our ghettos, as if violence was the privilege of the chosen few. They ignore God in their daily lives and in their legislative agendas, and then look contrite and have angelical faces in public acts such as we have witnessed in the past few days as the tragedy of terror has been brought to our shores. I pray that they have seen the light and repented.

These are the same people that protest against slavery but allow proven doers of evil to become their spokesmen in grandiose conferences, that besides spending needed resources accomplish little. States than are sponsors of international terrorism are accepted as equals in World bodies and in the hypocrisy that rules the relations amongst nations are spared the condemnation that is so rightfully deserved.

The malaise that exists goes to the extreme of trying to find justification to the irrational murderous acts such as were committed against this great Nation on September 11, awake, the temporary suffering that has been inflicted by these heartless assassins, and the financial losses that will surely follow are but small if we lose the battle for the minds of our citizens.

We are now in the shock phase of understanding that indeed evil struck a deadly blow, and are patriotically waving the flag, but amongst us are those that, are secretly happy because now we know first hand the horror they claim our policies and actions inflict to the rest of the world, and those who are willing to surrender, remember when they use to proclaim Better Red than Dead. They will come out and organize protests and the media in their need to fill airtime will provide the forum. We must stay the course!

Not being a native of this great Nation, but one that chose to be Free rather than Dead! proclaim our need to be informed to combat the forces of evil in all its manifestations. Also I proclaim the need to Love our Neighbors, and with generosity, while teaching to fish, show charity to those less fortunate. It is also necessary to have a daily celebration of light to keep, those who preach the gospel of doom and the forces of darkness, from dominating our lives and allow us to be all that we can be, for the glory of God and this Nation.

God Bless America!

Rogelio Madrazo

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