Rogelio Madrazo Serra

It has been eight days since the General Elections were held and we the people do not know yet who our next President is. I pray that it will Mr. Bush, but I am not privy to God's design for this great Nation, and if it is Mr. Gore the one elected I will so accept. It does not escape me the Clintonesque behavior of Gore, the Democratic Party, or the professional agitators that seem to flock to all causes associated with the solution of problems through a twisted interpretation of the Law of the Land.

A brief enumeration of some that come quickly to mind are:

  • Justification of lying under oath, dismissing it as just a sexual affair.
  • The Buddhist Temple Fund Raiser and the illegal fund raising calls by Mr. Gore. The absence of a higher legal authority.
  • The twice vetoed Partial Birth Abortion Law. On the excuse of protecting the mother safety.
  • The injustice committed with Elian Gonzalez. Decisions made on popularity surveys.

In today's Miami Herald there is an interesting article about the impact of the Hispanic Minorities, I hate that name, on who the next President may be, if we add the African American vote, it is safe to say that next President was elected by a minority of the electorate and that it did so probably while being poorly informed on the issues that separated the leading candidates and that will impact generations to come.

The white Anglo-Saxon majority that rules this country and that will continue to rule it, no matter who the next President is, is so divided on the issues, and so incapable under the present political system to assume a leadership role, that it could not come up with enough votes to decide the electoral issue. An example of this failed leadership can be found in the Republican Party, with control of both houses for the last eight years, it has allowed itself to be put on the defensive by the immoral Executive branch, and it has been an easy target for the Media, which in no small measure is participating in a campaign to discredit the Institutions that made this country great.

Why is this statement about the lack of informed decision making by the minorities probably true?. Take a look at the pluralities that were garnished by those elected officials that represent them, these people which we see parading in front of the cameras, every time there is an opportunity to debate one of the Moral contemporary issues, that is tearing the country apart. These people are seek by the all news Networks because they know that they are good for a few minutes of incendiary remarks, devoid of substance but polarizing to the extreme the viewing audience. When there is a need to fill time these are the Networks best friends.

The proportion of the minorities in this country is increasing, and their leaders have discovered the power that they represent, for Democracy to work, their level of education must be improved, for the educated the opportunities for escalating the ladder of success must be opened, and hope that they demand of their leaders that the good of the Nation, be put ahead of the demagoguery of tribal politics.

A good beginning will be to have those elected officials from the Anglo-Saxon majority to do likewise and become statesmen in the rich tradition of Lincoln, Franklin, Hamilton, etc. instead of purveyors of "pork" to their constituents.

If nobody is willing to sacrifice, our children, and our children's children will pay the price. The answer to the question, "Are we better off today than we were eight years ago?", is a RESOUNDING NO!. Remember, "that man does not live by bread alone".

November, 2000

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