Us vs. Them

by Rogelio Madrazo Serra

My interest in Elian Gonzalez case is transparent and it is shared by the majority of the American community of Cuban descent. I am Cuban by berth, I left Cuba in fear, I know victims of the Tyranny that has now lasted 41 years, I know of the life the Cubans in Cuba endure, I have a visceral reaction against whatever Castro does, wants or say, I want to make the life of those in Cuba better, I would like one day to return to a Free Cuba and show my children and grandchildren where I was born, went to church, played baseball, got educated, met their mother, was in jail, worked, I sympathize with anyone specially a 6 year old boy that, floats to these shores, I will never condemn anyone to life under the boot of the most cruel tyrant in the history of the Americas.

I also understand the interest in this 6 year old by Castro and his machine, the regime since its inception has used a circus atmosphere to keep the people in motion and divert attention from the miserable condition they have to endure, I know that the tyrant needs what he can claim as victories against the 'Yankees", no matter if they are in a baseball field or in snatching a boy from freedom, I understand that it is in Castro's best interests to destroy the prestige of the bastion of freedom manned by Americans of Cuban descent.

I understand, do not like it, but I understand it, the attitude of 70 % of the North American public which has a basic phobia against immigrants specially if they speak Spanish, I understand that they are fed up with the news coverage this case has elicited, I understand that they perceive this problem as an attack on their God given right to be happy, I understand that the media in their need to fill air time commit excesses and that this add to the confusion. I understand that Americans of Cuban descent, are a bad example to the business of being a minority, practiced with success by those that that are always justifying their failures on anyone but those they can see on their mirrors

What I do not understand but would like to know is, the motivation behind the National Council of Churches renting private airplanes to fly the grandmothers around this country, the Methodist Church hiring Mr. Craig, the Clinton administration acting as surrogates for Castro's goons, Cuban diplomatic personnel going on the streets of the Nation's Capital and beating on peaceful demonstrators in the presence of police with no attempt made to prevent the assault, members of Congress from troubled districts dedicating their time to become apologist of the Castro regime and enemies of the Cuban American community. Officials of the Administration spreading misinformation in relation to poor Elian, his family and the betrayal of the negotiators the night of the raid, Mr. Craig becoming the source of pictures of happy Elian!. The Miami relatives, as well as his lawyers, being shut off from Elians life.

I do not understand and would like to know the reason, for the silence of the official churches that know the Miami community, and stand idle while there is an organized campaign to assassinate their character by the forces of evil. I do not understand how the legislative and judicial branches have allowed this assault on the Constitution with only mild indignation, I do not understand but will like to know how persons like Jesse Jackson jump from a defense of the administration to abrogate the lifting of the embargo. I do not understand but would like to know is, why it is so difficult to believe Civic leaders such as Mr. Coffey, Sister O'Laughlin, Carlos Saladrigas the President of Miami University etc. I do not understand why the Police in Miami has been abusive towards the American of Cuban origin community.

I do not understand but would like to know why the Progressive Caucus in the US Congress has its members listed in Socialist Democratic Web Site, and is populated by every congressperson that has spoken for Castro and against the best interest of Elian.

I understand that the forces of evil work night and day to destroy our society, and I see their faces every night polluting the Nations airwaves. I do not understand, but woul like to know why we as a country are so willing to surrender our rights to a non elected public official.

Elian will end up in Cuba and the Maxine Waters, Serrano, Rangel, Rivera, Reno etc. will go on to other causes destroying the moral fiber of the country, and we will continue to proclaim to the world the injustices and abuses that are committed by the Tyrant that rules Cuba and the dangers the Nation is in if we continue to be ruled by people who betray their oath to uphold the law.

Cuba and Elian should be FREE!


Rogelio Madrazo Serra
April, 2000

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