A Capitalist named Nguyen

by Rogelio Madrazo Serra

What follows is from a letter to the editor of the Tampa Tribune in response to an article entitled "Two Cubas" published today as part of series starting on April 2.

Traveling through time I would like to go back to 1959 and 1960 and read again the defense of the excesses of the Castro Revolution in its beginnings. The list read something like this, Castro put an end to legalized prostitution which was an ugly stain in the fabric of Cuban society. The average stay of a tourist in Cuba is less than twenty four hours, the typical tourist being a North American male which catches a fly in Miami at 6 p.m. gambles and visits a brothel and is back in Miami by 8 am.

Others read, the lottery system in Cuba oppressed the poor classes giving them false hopes while being one of the most corrupt institutions of the Government . Illiteracy in Cuba was at intolerable high levels. The Blacks were grossly discriminated and the appointment of Commander Almejeiras (a black person) as Chief of Police is patent prove that under the new regime all Cubans are equal. I remember well, getting into a shouting match with two towering "Black Panther Party" members selling their newspaper with a picture of Almejeiras in the front page. The deposed Cuban dictator Batista was black!!.

Those were the days of, "The Fair Play for Cuba Committee", of all the pious fellow travelers of the International Socialist Movement , that delighted themselves in the destruction of the Cuban Society and offered as an excuse a higher moral standard owned by the bearded ones, that are still in power 41 years later, with cemeteries full of their victims, jails in which Cubans languish for the crime of expressing their dissent, a Gulf of Mexico that has become a highway of hope for the Cuban youth, who having been molded on the image of the "new man" invented by Guevara, are suffocated in a society which has nothing to offer. This highway of hope is paved with an unknown number of victims that never made it. A Cuban Diaspora of over two million spread high and wide through the world, eleven million in the Island Nation in which, since the fall of the "Evil Empire", an apartheid society was created, those with dollars are a better class of citizen than those that do not have access to the Green Backs.

The Tampa Tribune in its edition of April 3, publishes an article about a Cuban in Cuba, glorifying what is known as a pimp or procurer, and quoting several satisfied customers of this individual and others like him on the great time they had in Cuba, this scar of society named Nguyen is classified as a Capitalist, so what was used as an excuse to support Castro four decades ago, is today used to make an argument against the "embargo", a fiction on the imagination of North American politicians, which carrying the guilt of the betrayal of the Cuban people genuine claim for independence, have maintained an ineffective non enforceable myth, as a means of placating their conscience on the face of the most destructive dictatorship in the history of the Americas.

I would like to see the quote from Jose Marti where he offers the advise that students benefit from slave uncompensated labor in Agriculture as expressed in the Sunday article by the author of this crime of misinforming the reading public.

The forces of evil in our society travel tortuous paths and the unsuspecting and naïve public is fed information in a way that makes a marionette, look intelligent by comparison. What a shame, no wonder we are becoming a Nation of skeptics immersed in our shells with the philosophy that "He who dies with the most Toys WIN".


Rogelio Madrazo

April 3, 2000

Tampa Tribune
Letters to the Editor
P.O. Box 191
Tampa, FL 33601-4005

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am astonished at the article "Two Cubas", published today in your paper, I never though that a pimp will be glorified in the media as you have done with the despicable Mr. Nguyen, which is nothing but another "Engineer", the infamous character in the play Miss Saigon.

The fact that this character fulfill the pleasures of immoral tourists that fill secure unloading their lust and vices in foreign shores, at a time in history when there is a propaganda effort financed by Cuba and Internationals to open trade with the Cuban Tyrant makes the Tribune an accomplice to the scandal that is the prostitution of the Cuban youth for staples taken for granted in our society.

Attached is my response to the article in your paper.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Rogelio F. Madrazo
Subscriber to the Tribune

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