The decision to return Elian to Cuba has been reached several weeks ago. The only outstanding issue is how to implement it in a "political correct way" by the Clinton administration.

For those who live inmersed in the exiled Cuban community and maybe somewhat aloof from the main stream american environment it will be surprising to realize how effective the campaign by the main news media of the US has been in convincing the people of this country that the right thing to do is "to return Elian to his father"

Most americans do not have the slightest idea that when the communist say " return to the father" they ( the communist) really mean " return to the State". Most americans do favor the return of Elian so that this topic and its consequences " will be put behind us", the usual path that all other embarrassing issues and scandals of this administration have followed remember the impeachment of Clinton?)

I had the opportunity of addressing a group of well educated americans a few days ago and in a few minutes they understood that " Elian in effect will be returning to his real father the State". But the sadest part of this story is that NO ONE is telling them. The Cubans in Miami throw a temper tantrum and block the roads of the city or threaten to close the airport without realizing that these types of actions do not sit well with most of the american public opinion!

Today the Cuban community in exile dispose of the economic means to launch a T.V. transmission coast-to-coast for 10 or 15 minutes at prime time through some of the main TV station such as Fox to explain to the american people what is meant by "the return of Elian" in communist terms and according to the existing Cuban constitution. This could be delivered by someone familiar to the US audience such as Andy Garcia if he would agree to it.

Who would pay for it? I believe that all and each of the cubans in this country would contribute willigly to fund such effort. All cubans in exile dating back to the early 60's have never accomplish a very effective public campaign against the marxist Cuban Government. Certainly it can not be compared with the highly sophisticated one that the socialists have lauched from Havana.


Ricardo E. Calvo MD PhD
January 2000

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