Honorable Mr. President :

In Communist Cuba, the jail island, according to the Constitution, it is not the parents that have parental rights (or "patria potestas") as it is known in civil law countries. Parental rights are exercised by the Communist state, that denies the legitimate right of parents to give their children the education that they deem adequate.

To send little Elian back to Cuba is not to deliver him to his father and family but to the implacable Communist regime that will not only take possession of his body but also of his soul, as it has done with entire generations of young men, women and children in that unfortunate country.

By this reason, we express our most vehement protest, before God and History, for the decision of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service / Department of Justice to send back to Communist Cuba the child Elián González. This decision, if not urgently and quickly reversed, will be without any question one of the most shameful stigmas in the history of the United States of America!

there have been abundant cases of deads cubans in the Straight of Florida. There have been and are today hundreds of parents whose children are retained in Cuba by the Security and arbitrary measures of the tyrannical regime of Fidel Castro.

One exemple of the many cases was the case of major Orestes Lorenzo a cuban pilot who defected with his Mig 23...and who was defied and challenged by the Castros brothers to come back and pick them up...if he had what was necessary...( meaning the guts here )...This case was well known and publisized in those days...

It is time enough to put a stop to the blackmail and use of human beings as instruments by that regime in its agenda to undermine any attempts to Democratize Cuba.

Sincerely yours,

Pedro Martori
March, 2000

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