Globalization For Cuba: I Do Not Understand

by Oswaldo F. Hernandez

Unless they belong to quasi-secret organizations or one of the little-known "think-tanks," that exist in America, I do not understand why there are Cubans who think that once econo-political changes take place in our former country, the "new democratic republic" is going to benefit from the so-called globalization process, or its associated nonsense, the "free-trade zone" concept. I again repeat that before the disastrous and bankrupt Cuban Revolution took place in Cuba, beginning in 1959, 66 percent of the Cuban GNP (Gross National Product) was reinvested in the salaries and benefits of all Cuban employees and management members. After the United States, Great Britain, and Canada, Cuba was ranked fourth (4th) in the world in this category! Its labor unions were only second to the Argentinian ones in Latin America, and of course, with the neo-liberal American media and Hollywood moguls conducting an outright abusive and massive anti-Cuban-American campaign in this Nation, who would ever believe that for example, the Cuban Gastronomical Labor Union owned the grounds and building of the Havana Hilton, managed and operated by the American corporation? What American for example knows that even if sugar shipped to foreign countries was shipped in bulk form, payment to the Cuban workers had to be estimated on a per sack basis? What American, or citizen of any other nation knows for example, that the average industrial worker in Cuba was earning 180 U# Dollars (the Cuban Peso was at par with the Dollar, and American currency flowed freely throughout the island-nation) in 1958, and that a Cuban dock worker was earning 150 Dollars daily prior to the ridiculous and shameful Cuban Revolution.

What historical economic data is showing is that millions of jobs have been lost in our Nation due to the so-called "outsourcing process," which of course only benefits the largest multinational corporations, and that every time I have a problem with any of my electronic gadgets, I have to speak some type of "weird English" I can hardly understand, with someone who is starving because in his country they can't kill cattle, or rats. Already early this morning, I saw on CNN that Apple Computers is "outsourcing" its assembly process to China, where Chinese girls earn 50 Cents-a-Day, for a workday lasting 15 hours. So what are the promoters of future globalization and some type of free-trade-zone for Cuba proposing, that the Cuban people exchange an already established abusive Marxist/Socialist global system, for one controlled by the "brains" of multinational Amerika? Please, think this one over.

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