Comments VII

by Oswaldo F. Hernandez

One of America's TV networks favorite manipulation wordage has now become the utilization of the word "mandate." If my memory has not gone the way of a "total loss," I do not recall this term being utilized at all when individuals who the major pseudo-liberal media did not support when they were first running for office, such as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, were elected by actual national landslides-type voting. Of course, these presidents did obviously have the massive support of the American people, as we all know. Nowadays, the press seems to like to utilize the term "mandate, or the negation of it," when questioning or attacking the actions of an elected official who might have been elected by a small majority. This in reality constitutes nothing but a very real attempt to weaken and undermine the nature of the entire democratic process, in which a majority is a majority, even if only by a one vote difference.

I have never understood very well the logic behind the term "home style cooking." I don't know, but when I go out to eat I like to feel as far away from home as I possibly can, and this is certainly not because I ever ate many bad meals at home, on the contrary. I like table service either by a professional male waiter, or by a good-looking waitress. Even if I miss my dog sitting on the floor by the table wagging his tail and putting on the face of a "repented prostitute" as many of them do (my cocker spaniel was very good at that), or circling the table like sharks and rubbing against my feet, as some of my cats have, I really don't mind being away from home every once in a while. I repeat, I just don't understand this one.

If we are to understand the psychological parameters that guide a Muslim suicide terrorist bomber, we just have to closely look at the brainwashing methodology utilized by the notorious Muslim sect of the "Assassins (hashishins)," which is where the name originates. Although I had read it before, a recently published book written by Spanish writer Santiago Camacho, titled, 20 Grandes Conspiraciones de la Historia (or 20 Great Conspiracies of History), clearly shows how this sect/cult achieved this type of behavior. In am unreachable castle built on top of a mountain in what is now modern-day Iran, this very ambitious follower of "the prophet," would take his followers, who as could be expected, were not usually very educated or wealthy. Up there, isolated from the rest of the world, he would provide them with females and young males for their sexual pleasure, all types of excellent food, wine, and drugs, and lavish accommodations and water works, and thus convince them that they were in Paradise, to where they would return after they would sacrifice themselves for him, Allah, and "The Prophet." Imagine, who didn't want to return after spending some more time "down there," thirsty, half-starved, and full of sand up to the nostrils. A truly clever methodology. I wonder if what Castro has instituted in Cuba is a similar or parallel system, only slightly less radical. In a country that used to be fully self-sufficient in the production of food for its people and that was even exporting beef and cattle to other countries in the region,and that nowadays even has one of the largest fishing fleets in the world, the people have to form lines that are blocks long in order to obtain miserable amounts of rationed food. In a country known for the quality of its Portland-type cement, that has six production plants, and that sells it in the international market, "the leader of the great Revolution" has allowed that the majority of previously existing housing and commercial structures collapse, while of course meanwhile building hundreds of miles of military tunnels throughout the entire island. In the middle of this rather sad and tragic scenario, he then created "his sect of assassins," the 80,000 men and women who form the state security intelligence and repression apparatus, and the thousands who are members of the only political party in the nation. Yep, "Have beef will march!" Really, what a ridiculous montage, and an integral part and spoke of the New World Order.

I am sometimes amazed at the truly theatrical outright disinformation scenarios which are created nowadays. Between the suave and cunning propagandists of Madison Avenue, most of the food industry, and the medical profession that deals with eating habits, and the consequences of unhealthy eating, they are constantly attempting to direct the attention of the cause or causes of obesity in the United States away from what I consider is the real principal reason. Of course, as usual, there are billions upon billions at stake in the issue. Trying to make the consumer feel guilty about their condition, but actually drawing away attention from the obvious, the media fully cooperates. What the evidence is truly showing is that the type of obesity that is occurring in our Nation is radically different from the overweight conditions in any other single country in the entire world. The most utilized causes given are: A) We have become "couch potatoes" and do not exercise enough, B) We are consuming too many calories, C) We consume too much caffeine and of course, sugar, and thus become mentally unbalanced, which results in some type of nebulous eating disorder, D) We eat "unhealthy fatty stuff," such as animal fat, hydrogenated who knows what, and so on.

What the evidence is really showing thou, is that in no other country in the world are genetically-manipulated full of hormones and steroids agricultural and animal products consumed massively as they are in the United States of America. Thanks God a large number of people are increasingly becoming aware of this phenomenon, and are turning to additive and preservative free foods and organic products. Of course, this is an expensive proposition, and as usual, the less-privileged are the ones that will be forced to suffer the horrible unhealthy consequences. Lately, and due to the long stays I've been spending in hospitals, I became very, but very annoyed at the actually poor quality of the food served to the patients, especially the absolute utilization of those little sometimes difficult-to-open things they call "creamers." Of course, margarine made of who-knows-what and other delicious quasi-artificial stuff follows. As I told them in my last days at the hospital, "I can't wait to get home and die happily by eating the most unhealthy stuff I can find." I had already refused to eat without salt. That confrontation only lasted one day. I am now awaiting a shipment of "chicharrones" (cracklings, you know, with meat, pork fat and everything else) that they are sending me from Miami.

Meanwhile, my dear father, who recently celebrated his 102nd birthday, still enjoys his two cigars a day, his Heineken beer or Scotch with soda in the afternoon, and his glass of Spanish Rioja wine with dinner. He walks with only his cane, sometimes cooks by himself, and tells me that I've become an old man, that he can't even joke with me or tease me. Oh yes, he does prefer turbinated sugar to white sugar, and loves guava marmalade with Gouda or creme cheese.

Asheville, North Carolina
September, 2005

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