by Oswaldo Hernandez

The problem with America is that it is no longer America, but is fast becoming Amerika, an Orwellian creation of the New World Order. and no one dares to say a word. The last one who did, Georgia Congressman Karry Patton MacDonald (Ga VI - D), was assassinated in the certainly weird and suspicious downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007.

Freedom of the Press in Amerika: During the past few days, I have been rather shocked by the bias shown by the Amerikan news media when covering the recent air crashes that have taken place. As CNN blamed the crashes on probable bad maintenance procedures followed by small foreign carriers in foreign countries, a United Airlines Boeing 747, after experiencing problems with its hydraulic system after takeoff, returned to San Francisco International Airport. There, apparently after coming to a complete stop (do not at this time if there were passengers on board), the complete tail simply fell off, and only once, in very short coverage, was the aircraft shown, with the nose of the airplane up in the air. Of course, the fact that several major American airlines, in order to save money, send their jet airplanes to Costa Rica for their periodic total overhauls and Checks (called D Checks), is not mentioned.

As the Administration looks on, delegations from every conceivable state of the Union, sometimes accompanied by their governors, are scramnling to make it to Cuba, in order to promote their "trinkets" to the Cuban Government. The "trinkets" of course include Amerikan hormone and steroid-laden genetically, Engineered foodstuff/products, such as beef, chickens (fryers), eggs, and much more). It should be noted that in 1958, Cuba was totally feeding itself with its own national production, and was even exporting beef and cattle to several foreign countries. So what has taken place? No longer is foreign trade managed by the U.S. Department of Commerce. No longer is there a foreign policy in place? Does every state now does what it wants to do and "fends for itself?" Really, is there any seriousness in Amerika, or is this a joke?

Oswaldo F. Hernandez
Asheville, North Carolina

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