Criminal Action Against a Once Friendly People and Nation

by Oswaldo F. Hernandez

Just until recently, there was an aspect of the sad Cuban scenario that seemed awkward to me, that my rather logical mind could not comprehend. From fellow exiled Cubans who were friends of mine, and who had acted as CIA operatives in missions to Cuba, I had been informed that during the period that these “missions” lasted, from about 1961 to 1967, they had operated under the threat of actual physical elimination if it was ever found out that they were secretly planning to carry out an assassination attempt on Castro himself, or what always sounded really weird to me, the attack and/or destruction of any of the Cuban oil installations, these being three refineries, one in Santiago de Cuba (formerly Texaco), and two in Havana Harbor, built and previously operated by ESSO/EXXON Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, and Shell Oil Company. Of course, what the military and economic data of those years showed is that the physical elimination of any of these two “elements” would cause the immediate collapse of the entire Cuban macabre gimmick being created. The entire massive Soviet support being sent to the island (armor, aircraft, and fast patrol boats) would become useless, and the economy would be totally paralyzed. From personal experience in 1960, when my cell in the Cuban underground had attempted to destroy the ESSO/EXXON refinery in Havana, and the few necessary items had never been received from our CIA Cuban suppliers, once we had informed them of our intentions, I had been slightly on edge about the entire issue. I did not like the fact either that during the Bay of Pigs Invasion none of our B-26 light bombers had attacked any of the refineries. Trying to excuse, as usual, any American-directed error, I just thought that perhaps “our friends” were so sure of our triumph, that they didn’t consider it necessary to destroy the refineries.

As with mostly everything else where malice exists however, the passage of time, which usually results in the disclosure of previously concealed information, and allows for the observation of events in a longer time frame, undoubtedly indicates the following:

A. At no time during his apparently energy desperate so-called Revolution, has Fidel Castro and/or any member of his government attempted to utilize the vast amounts of ethanol (organic alcohol) which could have been easily obtained from the sugar industry. Acting as a bona-fide member of the oil cartels or oil industry, Castro and his government, capable of even conducting complex genetic engineering research, sought no utilization whatsoever of Cuba’s formerly readily available sugar industry infrastructure,or of the island’s enormous extensions of agricultural lands, which as even indicated in the latest issue of National Geographic, is the best alternative for future energy resources, when the oil production begins to fail.

B. Although apparently building a single line welded-rail track from one end of the island to the other, and operating a relatively modern German passenger train between Havana and Santiago de Cuba for some time, the Cuban Government has at no point truly approached the highly advanced and developed European passenger-rail industry to assist and really develop Cuba’s intercity and urban rail systems. The transportation necessities of the Cuban people and of the country itself are way beyond the pitiful state.

C. There is no evidence whatsoever that at any time the Cuban Government has even attempted to develop the almost unlimited wind and solar energy resources of the island-nation, resources which are being successfully developed and utilized in nations where the critical conditions existing in Cuba are not even present.

D. It is now just becoming public knowledge that when Castro briefly resided in New York before he began his “revolutionary struggle” in 1956, an abominable individual in Cuba’s history, known in Cuba as Arturo Montenegro, but then known in the U.S. Department of State as William Wieland, and who was a high official of the same, invited Castro to the most elitist, powerful, and illegal and unconstitutional Council of Foreign Relations, where he spoke and was very well received. William Wieland, when known as Arturo Montenegro in Cuba, had not only been a member of the Cuban Communist Party, but he actually became the lover of American ambassador to Cuba, Benjamin Sumner Welles, and of his successor, Jefferson Caffery (late 1920s, early 1930s). It is a well known fact in Cuba, that in those days the American Embassy in Havana was known as a “den of iniquity,” where the American diplomats where constantly harassing and attempting to “pick up” the members of the Cuban police and army units protecting the site. After Caffery left Cuba, him and Sumner Welles soon took their American-Cuban lover to Washington, where he fast became a “high-level official,” being either head of the Caribbean or the Latin American Bureau at the time of the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

E. It is now also becoming public knowledge that there were those within the Soviet Intelligence structure that considered Castro to in reality be a “supermole,” an agent of the U.S. Government, or could we say instead, the Council of Foreign Relations.

What the present scenario is obviously beginning to illustrate, is that the much lauded Cuban leader, projected by the American media as a “nationalist,” is in reality an indispensable spoke of the monstrous conspiracy which is, unconstitutionally, and without the approval of the American people, attempting to impose upon the people of the world a New World Order, an Order controlled by a few, but just a few individuals within this organization and of its parallel worldwide organization, The Bilderberger Conference. What the present scenario shows is that this “Cuban nationalist leader” sips wine from 500-dollar bottles for breakfast, while his people have to scramble to pull century old nails from collapsed wood structures destroyed by the latest hurricane passing through the island, in order to rebuild some type of shelter in which to live. Could the probability exist, that Castro, the son of a Spaniard who went to Cuba to fight the Cubans who had fought for more than 15 years to make Cuba an independent and sovereign nation, and who in reality hated the Cuban people and their just cause, have been protected in his endeavor to totally destroy the Cuban nation, its culture, its architecture, its ethnicity, and even its political and administrative divisions in order to facilitate its annexation by America, or some undefined New World Order? This is sad, very sad, but what is even sadder is the complicity of a few Americans who have greatly directed this gigantic lie, this scenario of the tragedy, misery, and destruction of a nation. Outright shameful behavior, just a crime against humanity, and not much more.

Asheville, North Carolina
August, 2005

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